LoKal Miami opens TODAY at 12pm!!
Lokal Burgers and Beer


We Open TODAY!

The day is here folks!
Santa came just in the knick of time and left Coconut Grove a lil'present. 

LoKal, pronounced [lo-ka’l], debuts in Coconut Grove TODAY!
Stemming from the German word for restaurant and meeting place, LoKal serves up sustainably and locally sourced ingredients paired with an industrial, raw edginess. 

Using Florida grass-fed beef and Floridian-raised clean proteins for their burgers, sandwiches and salads, LoKal will be purchasing whole sides of beef, and primal cuts of clean proteins and processing them in-house. Hand grinding their meats daily and pressing each and every patty will result in LoKal’s distinctive signature flavor. Whether made of grass-fed beef, free range chicken or local fish, one thing is for sure, LoKal’s entire menu signals an unparalleled approach to quality and integrity.

Owner Matthew Kuscher’s commitment to quality is unmatched as he will be tapping Floridian farmers, dairies and brewers bringing folks everything that's GOOD in the Sunshine State. LoKal is as local as local gets. 

"I would love to see LoKal be that cool, easy, relaxed place where everyone can come together and chill with great food and beer," Kuscher says. "We want you to be able to feel really good about where you are and what you're eating."

So get your shopping on; there's but a few hours. Stop by for lunch and grab a burger and FREE beer!
We'll be pouring free beer the first week we open. Consider it Kush's gift to the Grove this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!
Kush & Priscilla

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