BRKNG: Ag Meets Tech in Silicon Valley
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Ag Meets Tech in Silicon Valley

New model uniting capital with Smart Farm tech innovation to solve global challenges

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Salinas agriculture and Silicon Valley tech came together Wednesday in a meeting of academics, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and government representatives. The intimate group began mapping priorities and objectives to unite agriculture and technology in California's Steinbeck Country.

John Hartnett, founder SVG Partners, convened the high-level AgTech Roundtable as part of the annual ITLG Global Technology Leaders Summit that took place yesterday at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

"The world population will surpass $9B by 2050 and technology will be critical to meet this demand," said Hartnett. "The timing is perfect to bring together Silicon Valley and Salinas Valley to address the world's great food, water, energy, and waste management challenges."

The Steinbeck Innovation Cluster is a public/private effort founded by Hartnett and former Salinas mayor Dennis Donohue to galvanize the region's agricultural industry, education resources, and innovative drive to build prosperity and global impact.

Affectionately dubbed the "salad bowl of the world," California's Salinas Valley is home to a $4 billion agricultural industry and is uniquely positioned to leverage its expertise and relationships to create sustainable solutions that address global challenges. The Steinbeck Innovation Cluster's model is employing a combination of innovation, acceleration, investment and corporate partnerships to build the world's "first Ag-Tech Innovation Cluster."

"AgTech is the cornerstone of the economic development program for the city of Salinas," said Ray Corpuz, Salinas City Manager following yesterday's Roundtable. "Our City is fully invested in supporting the Steinbeck Innovation Cluster to create jobs and bring investment in Salinas."

The Steinbeck Innovation Cluster has engaged prominent academic and industry partnerships, including memoranda of collaboration with leading academic institutions such as Arizona State University, San Jose State University, UCSC, MPC, CSUMB, Hartnell College, and prominent Irish Universities, all focused on advanced research programs related to Smart Farms.

Learn more about the Steinbeck Innovation Cluster, its business model, partners and programs at

AgTech Roundtable Group
Ag, City Government, Venture Capital and Business represented at the first AgTech Roundtable Wednesday in Silicon Valley. Pictured from the left: John Matthesen, Roger Royse, Ray Corpuz, LuAnn Meador, Paul McNamera, Mary Godley Hadney, Kimbly Craig, Cody Youngbull, Erin Fogg and Jeff Weir. [click to download a high res image]
About the Steinbeck Innovation Cluster
The Steinbeck Innovation Cluster is leveraging its innovative Steinbeck Innovation Model, and powerful network of civic, academic, technological, corporate, and philanthropic partners, to help our region’s youth become entrepreneurs, to drive innovation in our fields and factories, and to bring high tech to our industrial zones. The organization is run by a four-member founding board of directors and is supported by a twenty-member Steinbeck Committee with representatives from regional business, academic, nonprofit and trade organizations. Learn more at

About SVG Partners
SVG Partners is a management consulting and investment firm that partners with public and private organizations on strategy, innovation and global expansion. Based in Silicon Valley and Ireland with a global network of technology executives and partners processing an unmatched perspective on the competitive landscape, industry trends and game-changing opportunities. For more information contact or +1-408-380-7200 or visit

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