Thrive Accelerator announces ten finalists for program in January.
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Dec. 12, 2014

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Ten finalists announced for Thrive Accelerator

Companies to compete for funding, deployment through top AgTech company, and prominent feature during SVG/Forbes Reinventing America AgTech Summit in July

SAN JOSE, CA  â€“  Ten of the most innovative emerging leaders in AgTech have been selected to participate in the Thrive Accelerator Program, slated to take place in Salinas, California this January. More than 40 AgTech companies from Peru, Israel, Switzerland, Panama, France, UK, Ireland and from across the USA pitched their teams, technology and visions for growth at the Thrive Accelerator's Seed Camp yesterday. The initiative is driven by SVG Partners and Forbes.

Each pitch was scored by a powerful group of expert mentors from the likes of Forbes, Taylor Farms, Western Growers Association, Smith Group and Verizon. Representatives from these industry-leading organizations will work with the Finalists during the Thrive Accelerator Program from January 7 through March 4, 2015. 

"We were all extremely impressed with the quality and ingenuity of all the solutions presented during yesterday's Seed Camp," said Bruce Taylor, CEO of Taylor Farms and a Thrive Accelerator Mentor. "Selecting just 10 of these companies to move on to participate in the full Accelerator was an incredible challenge."

The top Finalists will wrap up their Thrive experience with a final Demo Day at the conclusion of the Thrive Accelerator Program. Winners from the Demo Day will be prominently highlighted during the SVG/Forbes Reinventing America AgTech Summit on July 8 and 9, 2015, and will compete for funding and the chance to deploy their technology at one of the industry's top companies.

"The is AgTech's moment," said John Hartnett, CEO of SVG Partners. "This Accelerator has the potential to bring some incredible energy and disruptive innovation to one of the world's most important industries."

The Thrive Accelerator Program is conceived and led by SVG Partners. Learn more about the Thrive Accelerator here.

Thrive Accelerator Program Finalists


California Safe Soil, LLC |  Sacramento, CA, USA
Waste - Food Recycling |

We are a fresh food recycler. A typical supermarket throws away about 600 pounds of food a day. Most of it ends up in landfills. We have a unique system to capture that food before it rots, convert it into a homogeneous liquid fertilizer full of "building block" nutrients, and pasteurize it, for food safety. We are the "fork to farm" side of the "farm to fork" movement. See our video,

GeoVisual Technologies |  Boulder, CO, USA
Drone - (UAVs) |

We combine images & ground truth from multiple sources & scales for the best available monitoring. Drones will be grounded for a while & high res satellite imagery is costly. We start with free, global Landsat. We know how to derive intel from raw images & how to fuse diverse data (images, weather, soil) to create the most accurate, up-to-date maps. As cheaper higher res imagery arrives (e.g. Google SkyBox; drones), our solution gets even better.

GreenOnyx | Tel Aviv, Israel
Urban Farming |

GreenOnyx will develop, build and sell systems and propriatary bio-seed & fertilize consumables as part of an urban agriculture solution that can rapidly scale globally via a unique mass distributed architecture. The systems supplies on demand, a nutritional dense super vegetable that could be applied to multiple health & wellness food segments.

Harvest Automation | Billerica, MA, USA  
Robotics - Nursery & Field |

Harvest Automation is a material handling company that develops robots to address some of the most challenging issues facing the world. Our novel, pragmatic approach to robot design seeks to understand where robots and people provide the most value so that working alongside each other they will be most productive. We believe that in the future agriculture will find that the best solution is the combination of people and robots, working together.

Innovative Green |  Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Energy - Diesel Fuel Tech |

GT is a technology company dedicated to commercializing innovative green technology products that deliver profit as well as a positive environmental impact. We aim to introduce proprietary green technologies that are sustainable and financially viable for our customers while providing economic benefits for our shareholders and environmental benefits for our planet.

Inteligistics, Inc. |  Pittsburgh, PA, USA  
Platform - Cold Supply Chain |

We offer innovative cool chain temperature visibility solutions to the fresh produce industry using “Internet of Things” and “Big Data” technologies. We integrate low power wireless (Zigbee/Bluetooth) sensors and “Machine to Machine” communications via smart gateways and patented circuits. Our Cloud based software enables user friendly web services, graphics, reports, dashboards and alerts in order to enable highly effective customer operations.

Lotpath, Inc. |  Fresno, CA, USA  
Mobile - Inspections (consult too) |

Lotpath is a technology company that creates software products and custom software solutions for customers in the food and agriculture industry. Lotpath is headquartered in Fresno, which puts it in close proximity to all of the California agricultural and food production regions. The Lotpath office is located in a tech hub with daily access to many talented software developers (

mOasis, Inc |  Union City, CA, USA
Bio-Tech - Soil Additive for Water |

mOasis' proprietary technology, Aquamers, can hold 250 times its weight in water when used as a soil amendment or seed coating. The product holds excess water near the seeds or roots and releases it as soil dries resulting in less plant stress and significantly higher crop yields while reducing water needs. BountiGel can also improve nutrient management and reduce runoff and soil erosion. Initial target is high value crops in CA, AZ, and MX.

Nuritas | Dublin, Ireland
Bio-Tech - Bioactive Peptides |

We are an ingredients discovery company. We use our unique proprietary predictive bioinformatics platform to quickly assess a source material, whether they be from crop, animal or algae bi-product, and discover bioactive peptide ingredients with health benefits. Our platform has a strong proof of concept having already discovered numerous impressive peptides in only a matter of months, including an anti-inflammation.

UrbanFarmers AG | Zürich, Switzerland
Urban Farming |

Driven by the vision that 20% of fresh produce could and should be grown in the city, UF provides innovative solutions for commercial and sustainable food production in urban areas. UF develops and operates urban farms growing fish and vegetables based on a recirculating water system technology Aquaponics. The produce is sold from these urban farms directly into grocery retailers through long-term produce purchase agreements (LPPA's).

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