2017 Greater Kansas City FRC News
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The Coach's TO DO List for the KC Regional:           March 6, 2017

Please do these things by MONDAY, March 13:

  1. Submit Students' names for Student Ambassador.  (Please submit two names)
  2. RSVP for the Team Social (pay at the event).  Even if your team is not attending the social, please click the link and enter 0.
  3. Tell your team's seniors to fill out the Senior Survey and send them the link.
  4. Pass the Field Trip RSVP form on to those you know bringing student groups.
  5. Make bus plans (plan to stay Friday night for Team Social)
  6. Make sure all team members have completed registration through STIMS OR you have the printed roster and completed paper Sign and Release Forms.
  7. Print the Student Survey and make sure all team members have completed it, then print this cover sheet to turn in at Pit Admin on Thursday, March 16.
  8. Pass on the student information found in this newsletter.

Dear Coaches and Teams:

This is the second newsletter with information about our Greater Kansas City Tournament. 
As a reminder, the first newsletter contained information about:

  • The Offical Schedule (Public Agenda) for the Four Days:  Please note that you can load in your robot and set up your pit on Wednesday evening from 5:30-8pm (more info below) AND/OR on Thursday morning from 7:45-8:30 am. Please check out these instructions for robot load in and pit set up. The Team Social is being held Friday evening from 6:30 - 9:30 pm.
  • Senior Recognition is on Friday, March 17th. Seniors, wear your future college's shirt and listen for the announcements.  Seniors will walk on field at start of Opening Ceremonies Friday.
  • We LOVE a Parade in Kansas City.  Mascot, Mentor, and Senior Parade information.
  • VIP Invitations - help us invite those people who are special to your team.  Pass this invite along.
  • Student Choir for the National Anthem to perform at Opening on Saturday. Sign up to be in the choir at Pit Admin by 3 pm on Thursday.
  • Lodging for the event.
  • About the Tournament A flyer for publicity purposes.
  • Special Activities for FRC Team Members during the Tournament. These include the mascot parade, the student choir, Senior Recognition, Student Ambassadors, and the luncheon for female high school students put on by the Society of Women Engineers and FIRST Ladies with a new format this year.
This information can also be found at  Look at the event listing and check the items on the right column.
Now for the new information! 

STEM Parent Meeting - Saturday 12:30 - 1:00 PM in Room TC 200.
Martha McCabe, Director of the KC STEM Alliance, will host a parent meeting providing an overview to STEM education pathways and workforce projections. 

FOOD TRUCKS and CONCESSIONS: Food Trucks and Concessions will be available Thursday through Saturday.  Concessions will be located on the 2nd floor of MCC-BT (just above the entry foyer).  Concessions will include soft drinks, water, fruit, candy, chips, nachos, and pretzels.  Food trucks will be located in the parking lot to the right as you exit MCC-BT main doors (at the circle drive).  They will be present each day from 7:30am to 6pm on Thursday, 7:30 am to 4 pm on Friday, and 7:30 am to 2 pm on Saturday.  Three or the four will be there from 11am - 2 pm each day.  Be sure to tell your students to bring their money.
PUBLIC PARKING: Parking at MCC-BT is free and unlimited.

BUS PARKING AND TEAM DROP OFF:  Please Click Here for a map for bus parking and the bus path to be used for team drop off at the front door.

ROBOT LOAD IN and Pit Setup:  Please Click Here for Robot Load In and Pit Setup directions and map.
FIRST Store and Custom T-Shirts at the KC Regional:
The official FIRST STORE will be on site selling official FIRST apparel!  It will be open Thursday through Saturday in Exhibit Hall B.

We have a t-shirt for this year's game and our regional that includes all the team numbers participating at our KC Regional on the back.

MENTOR LOUNGE: We will once again be providing a Mentor Lounge!  It will be located on the 2nd floor in room TC 217.  This area is restricted to those that have a Mentor Pass and is not open to students.  Your team will receive Mentor Lounge Passes in the packet you will receive on Thursday morning, March 16th.  Click Here for more information.
STUDENT PRESS PASSES - FIELD ACCESS:  There will be one Student Press Representative from each team that will be allowed on the field during his/her team's matches.  Each team will be given one press pass in their team information packets during registration on Thursday, March 16th.  One person (student or adult) at a time may use the press pass during his/her team's matches to be close to the action and take photos.  Click Here for the very important rules for using this press pass.

FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) - Velocity Vortex
FIRST LEGO League (FLL) - Animal Allies
FIRST LEGO League Junior (FLL JR)
- Creature Craze
Please check out the East end of the Hall.  FTC teams will be demonstrating on Friday. FLL will be demonstrating Friday and Saturday. FLL Junior will be doing a full Expo complete with team review on Saturday. If you or someone you know is coaching an FTC, FLL or FLL JR team, please tell them to reserve a spot to exhibit their success this season by contacting Robert Dumler at for FTC or Gretchen Neis at for FLL and FLL JR.  FTC and FLL take place on Friday from 9 am to 4 pm, and FLL and FLL JR will be showing their stuff on Saturday from 9:00 am to noon.
MCC-BT SITE RESTRICTIONS: Please note that no glass containers are allowed in MCC-BT.  Also, remind all to put trash in trash containers whether inside or outside of the MCC-BT facility.

Special Note:  Our generous host venue MCC_BT has asked that teams not hang posters, flyers, or any items from the walls of MCC-BT (no taping, pinning, etc allowed to walls, columns, glass this year). Because we know this is how you get the word out on the great things your team is doing, you will be allowed to pin and tape information to the drape around the bleachers. The drape on the backside of both bleachers and on the bleacher sides facing the entry into the Exhibit Hall can be pinned, clipped, or taped.

Please complete the paper Consent and Release Form ONLY if you are NOT submitting an electronic version via STIMS.  Remember, you will need to submit one (1) form for your Regional event per participant (in addition to what you submitted for Kick-off).  These forms (either electronic via STIMS or hard copy and brought to the event) are required for each participant, student or adult.  Adults use TIMS for electronic submission.
PIT POWER SAFETY:  Please be aware that daisy chaining power strips to one another is strictly prohibited.  Safety inspectors and other authorized staff and volunteers will be observing Pits to ensure this is not occurring.
Well that's everything we've got for you right now! The final informational email will come out early next week and will include Pit information.

Best Regards and Stay Safe,

On behalf of the Greater Kansas City Regional Planning Committe,
Robert Dumler
  - Greater Kansas City FIRST Regional Director
Laura Bauer
  - Communications Chair, KC Regional Planning Committee
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