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Make your programme nice and green to delight your audience and please your team. Sound the update klaxon, it's November newsletter time!
Trollied recently qualified their efforts to be green with a 3 star albert+ rating. Slashing stage power and paper use, the production also sourced props from closed supermarkets and donated perishable goods to a local farmer to feed his pigs. Well done to Sky and Rough Cut TV.
Filming in remote locations presents a unique set of challenges but these can often be overcome in a way that reduces a production’s carbon footprint too. Local crews, innovative power generation and efficient kit helped the Monsoon team achieve some impressive carbon savings and capture some fantastic footage too. Read more here
Rolling a dolly across a sensitive floor needn’t require rolls of plastic and polystyrene. Cardboard products are available and are equally durable, easier to recycle and are surely sexier? Check out the range from Ramboard.
Lighting in the studio, on location or in the field? You need to read the BBC/Arup update on Low Energy Lighting (LEL). The guide contains advice about how to use LEL, performance charts and measurement under BBC R&D’s pioneering assessment of colour rendition (TLCI-2012). Take a peak here.
EastEnders has been storing sets with a company that offer storage and recycling for over a year. Working with Scenery Salvage they have now diverted almost 3 tonnes from landfill, turning 2 tonnes of timber no longer needed by the production into materials for future construction needs.
"I've always been there from them and I've been more than generous. Sometimes I gave it all to them."

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