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Carl Longstaff

Hello from the team

It's been a while since we published our newsletter, now revamped to align with the all-new Metal Art website. There you will find all the details of our comprehensive range of Container Connection planters, Metallion street furniture, Replas recycled plastic products and the new, innovative Aquacart water dispenser. Amid all the excitement of our expanding distributorship and stock production lines, our architectural furniture is still as popular as ever.

We hope you find our periodic newsletter interesting and informative.  Please give the team a call to discuss what Metal Art can do for you.

Carl Longstaff
Managing Director  

We are proud to announce the addition of the Aquacart® water dispenser to the Metal Art range of products. Aquacart is a portable appliance suitable for use anywhere that commercial, domestic and recreational water needs occur. 

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On the Waterfront, LoveNZ recycling bins by Metallion

The Wellington Waterfront is sporting new Metallion litter bins. They carry the  brand of Love NZ, a joint public and private sector initiative set up to encourage environmental care. The distinctive Metallion recycling bins have bright yellow tops that clearly identify them as the place to put plastic, glass and cans. Metallion litter bins
Just like recyclable rubbish collected at the kerbside, now drink bottles and other items discarded in public places can be easily sorted for reuse. More of the earth’s finite resources are given an extended life, and less waste is transported to clog council landfills.  For Metal Art, being involved in this project reinforces the sustainability message of our Replas recycled plastic products. 
Enduroplank decking
On the coast, Enduroplank™  is the solution
When Kapiti Coast District Council needed to upgrade access to Otaki Beach, Replas Enduroplank™ provided the solution: a structure made from plastic waste that  will last for decades.  Now you can get to the beach on a slip-resistant walkway that will not splinter, rot or crack - one that will stand up to the marine conditions for years to come while continuing to look good.  Not only that, it's great for the environment. The equivalent of 30,000 two-litre milk bottles went into creating the new Otaki Beach accessway.

Metal Art planters
Metal Art planters grace the new waka house
Metal Art planters add the finishing touches to the waterfront's  Wharewaka O Poneke. Located right alongside Wellington's rugby Fanzone, the wharewaka is decorated inside and out with trough planters featuring laser-cut koru designs. The troughs are planted with New Zealand native species that stylishly and naturally complete the decor of this new city amenity.Metal Art Planter Troughs


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