July 2016
Metal Art & soft plastic recycling


We first reported on our role in the Soft Plastic Recycling Initiative back in November '15. Since the initial launch involving major Auckland retailers, the scheme has spread to Hamilton and Christchurch with more centres to follow.

Our first full container of soft plastics has arrived at the factory for processing into Replas products, and we're looking forward to taking delivery of more recycled plastic furniture, bollards, Enduroplank™ decking etc. to meet the growing demand. 

On 14 July '16 an article detailing our role in soft plastic recycling appeared on, the website backed by several prominent New Zealander business people leading the discussion on the economic and environmental benefits of green growth.

A Special Seating Site

Take a look at our associate site This website is designed for general use in helping individuals, families and organisations wishing to purchase a memorial, commemoration or presentation seat.
Memorial & Commemorative Seats
Whatever the purpose, we hope that we can help with the right seat and the procedure for having it installed in a public, or a private, place. 

Walkways slippery when wet?

Wooden decking can get slippery, especially during the winter months when an icy sheen can easily send the unwary for a skate.

One solution is to tack plastic mesh to the surface, but that is make-shift at best. The long-term option is to construct in the first place with Enduroplank™ recycled plastic decking. 

Enduroplank™ in its production form has passed the most stringent slip tests. For even more traction, Endurogrip and Gripset applications are available. Details at

Supporting Police Divers in their Exceptional Work

Now operating out of premises in Seaview, Lower Hutt, the Police National Dive Squad has a team of dedicated divers ready at any time to travel by road or air to do the challenging, often grim work they are tasked with.

And when one call-out comes on top of another, the last thing the squad needs is equipment that’s still wet.  So back at base after very job the gear goes into drying cupboards, laid out to dry quickly on mobile racks made by Metal Art. 

Our brief was to create a product with designated space for each single piece of equipment, from hood to boots. That required all parties to get heads together to come up with a suitable design. “George and his team at Metal Art understood our needs,” said officer in charge Senior Sergeant Bruce Adams.  “The first time we placed all our kit aboard, everything fell right into place just where we expected.”

Senior Sergeant Brcue Adamse s with geared-up racksThe six drying racks are fabricated double A-frame galvanised mild steel standing 1900mm high on a 1500 x 600mm base and equipped with wheels. There are 34 pegs & hooks of different shapes and sizes, and the base is fitted with 50 x 50mm mesh.  
When loaded up with all the equipment a pair of police divers use in their difficult work, it’s an impressive sight.
Recycled plastic 125mm bollards

Recycled plastic in the hot seat

On the Volcanic Plateau, Kawerau District Council has placed Replas bollards in and around the local skate park. But only after a two-year trial of the recycled plastic material in the thermal conditions that prevail at this location.

The Replas product came through the trial unscathed, just as it does in marine and subterranean (cave) conditions. Quite a contrast to the timber previously used and pictured below right, which had to be replaced far too regularly for ratepayer pockets. 

Being made of plastic, and recycled at that, these 125 x 125 mm black Replas bollards can be expected to take the sulphurous conditions for years to come. 

Our bicycle racks make their mark

Two recent bike rack installations are worthy of note.  Victoria University asked us to make some large hooped racks to their design, installed outside the Wai-te-ata Apartments in Kelburn.

Meanwhile in Stokes Valley, primary student parking got a boost when Tawhai School took delivery of some Standard 7-Bike racks. Like the uni racks they are produced  in hot-dip galvanised mild steel.  

Two more examples of our flexibility in meeting customer needs whether in custom-built or stock line production. 

Above: the effect of Kawerau's thermal ground conditions on timber. No match for recycled plastic.
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