February 2016

LivePicture now in NZ

LivePicture is a whole new idea in plantscapes, a variation on the green wall theme and a work of art as well. It takes your office plants off the floor and puts them on the wall. As easy to hang as a painting with a built-in watering system that makes plant care simple.

The product comes in 9-pot ‘cassettes’ that can be combined to create living wall art in a range of sizes.  A single-cassette LivePicture in its aluminium frame measures 720 x 720 x 70 mm, a 4-cassette configuration 1920 x 720 x 70 mm. Frames are available in white, silver grey and charcoal.

LivePicture is brand new to New Zealand. For further information contact Tracy by email or phone 04 939 6666.

Park seats in memory and commemoration

It's a long-standing community tradition - park seating in memory of loved ones passed, memorials to their lives and the importance special places held for them.

Beachcomer memorial seat
With the approval of the property owner, arranging memorial seating is a straightforward  process. It can range from fixing a simple plaque on a chosen piece of furniture, to a special design that reflects a significant aspect of the loved ones' lives.

Such was the case when we were recently asked to produce a recycled plastic Beachcomber Seat for a family at Waihi Beach. The seat back reflects the view from the very spot on which it stands - that of Mayor Island and the wide blue Pacific Ocean beyond. 
Beachcomber design

Timaru, the dog-friendly community

Thanks to the advocacy of the Timaru Dog Parks Trust and plenty of council and community support, South Canterbury is now supporting a brand new set of recycled-plastic dog agility equipment at the Timaru Dog Park on Leckie Street .

Timaru's Dog Agility Track is the first of its kind in the South island and comprises a selection of weave posts, hurdles, ramps and a tunnel."The equipment was 
Timaru Dog Parkinstalled as part of a joint community project," says TDC environmental services manager Paul Cooper. "It is hard-wearing, simple to install and weatherproof, and the dogs seem to love it." 

The Timaru Dog Parks Trust was formed to establish a fenced-in off-leash dog park where the city's canine citizens can exercise in a clean, safe environment in accordance with the rules, without endangering or annoying people, property or wildlife. In other words, to make Timaru a dog-friendly place.

Dog Agility tunnelJust a year on from the park's opening and with the addition of their new Dog Agility Track, there's no doubt the community objective is being achieved."We've received nothing but positive feedback from users of the park," concludes Paul.

On Facebook the Timaru Dog Parks Trust has some great coverage of the Dog Agility Track, including an installation video.
Paramount Tilt Bins in Corten steel

The look of rust

Inevitably salt air + iron = oxidation, even with galvanising and protective coatings. Usually that’s a maintenance nightmare, but there is a way around the cost and negative aesthetics of rust.

When Wellington City Council ordered Paramount Tilt Bins for the south coast, they asked us to make the frame and lid in Corten steel. Corten is the popular brand name for weathering steel, which when exposed to the elements forms a protective rust covering. It soon looks rusty and that’s the intention. The corrosion is only skin deep.

Corten steel was formulated to protect railway wagons in the USA. Today it has a host of architectural applications from building cladding to furniture, now including our steel street furniture components.

If you think Corten might work in your street or parkscape, give one of our representatives a call. 

Large planters, big impact

The conservatory at Lower Hutt’s Riddiford Gardens has a fresh look with the addition of some of our larger Cottapot planters.

The red Cabriolet Troughs (with custom wall-fixing brackets) and big black Traditional Vases were chosen to draw the eye and invite the public in. And it’s working.

Since the Cottapot planters were installed, Hutt City Council and maintenance contractor Downers have seen increased public use of the facility. “The new pots and planters have certainly lifted the profile of the conservatory,” says Colin Lunn, HCC City Contracts Manager. “They look fantastic – great choice and colour.” 

Cottapot Cabriolet Troughs
Cottapot Cabriolet Troughs showing special wall mounts 
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