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New Products

Award-winning designer Brian Steendyk has created two new lines that we are now pleased to be able to supply – and they’re made in New Zealand.

The Carmela planter is a large container suitable for feature plantings in courtyards and pedestrian precincts. And if there’s space, of course it looks great indoors as well.

The Carmela stands 1200mm high by 1500mm at its widest point, where it forms a 'skirt' that's the perfect perch for passers-by.  A specialised self-watering system ensures the Carmela’s plantings enjoy extended life as their value demands.

Marilyn stool by Steendyk
There is also a new range of casual seating in the Marilyn stool. Shaped to incorporate flutes that reflect a style of ancient Greek architecture, the Marilyn’s clean-line simplicity adds to its beauty. First release is the Marilyn kids’ stool, with larger sizes to follow.

These new lines are available in the full Cottapot colour range.


Recycled plastic componentry

In an era of increasingly scarce resources, waste recycling has come a long way. That’s certainly the case with our Replas technology, which now reaches far beyond the manufacture of planks and posts.

Now Replas can create products of many shapes and sizes, items that use recycled plastic in all sorts of innovative ways as alternatives to traditional materials.

Take for instance the slats recently developed to refurbish these street seats in Morrinsville, they are a good example of our ability to create a superior solution. These components are now widely available, and that’s just the start. 

Replas special seat slats

If you have in mind a refurbishment or new product idea that you think recycled plastic is right for, get in touch. Samples of long-lasting, no-maintenance Replas material are available on request.

The Recycling Circle: sustainability in action

Late last year Conservation Volunteers New Zealand and Keep New Zealand Beautiful launched a scheme to help children learn more about recycling.

Representatives of CVNZ visited 12 schools in Auckland, made a presentation and took away a pile of plastic bottles the kids had been charged with collecting in the previous week. Reward for the children? As well as their increased knowledge about environmental care, they received a certificate and their school a flash new sign made from recycled plastic.   
Replas Signs
“We have presented three of the signs to schools in Auckland so far,” says Siobhan O’Grady, Volunteer Engagement Officer with CVNZ. “They really love them and the kids can’t believe they are made of plastic.”

Siobhan has asked us for information on how the signs are made, and especially how many plastic bottles it took to make one sign. “That is by far, the most popular question.” Well the answer to that is the equivalent of 185 x 2 litre milk bottles, or 1850 bread bags!

“This is a wonderful demonstration of the recycling circle and the kids got quite excited about it.”

Replas plank sign

Wall planter an attention-grabber at Petone café

At popular Petone café Caffiend, a recently installed plant arrangement is drawing customer comment. To decorate an exposed interior brick wall in the building that forms part of the Jackson Street Heritage Precinct, café management decided to adapt one of our standard Green Wall layouts to create a wall-mounted pot frame. The effect is rather striking, a splash of natural colour adding to the café’s ambience without taking up precious floor space.

“We’ve had plenty of comments since the planter went up,” says Caffiend manager Louise Williment“ Our customers are genuinely interested in the concept of living walls and it’s great to be able to tell them we sourced our one locally.”

Green walls, living walls, vertical gardens … No matter the name, it’s always good to know the products of our team endeavours are so appreciated.

From story at left ...
Recycled plastic custom slats

These special 353mm seat slats are an example of our recycled plastic component capabilities.
Customised Metal Art Seating

Contributing to Riddiford Gardens upgrade

Lower Hutt’s Riddiford Gardens provide an important open-space connection between the commercial heart of town and the Civic Centre.  The War Memorial Library building was opened in 1956 - at a time when communities around the country were creating fitting ways to remember compatriots who fought in global conflicts. Outside the library the Anzac Memorial Lawn and Cenotaph provide the focal point for Anzac Day commemorations.  This area was beautifully redeveloped by the council in time for the centenary of the Gallipoli landings, and we at Metal Art were proud to play our part.

The project was designed by Isthmus Landscape Architects and carried out by Naylor Love Construction, with whom we worked to fabricate seating components according to the unique design requirements. This was not a large job, but it was an important one – producing facility seating that we know will serve those who pause to remember in the years and decades to come.
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