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The BIG news this weeks is the TimThumb.php security issue that if left unsolved can allow a hacker to run malicious code on your website.

A lot of WordPress themes use timthumb (besides the large number on the repository, theme clubs like WooThemes and ElegantThemes also use it) so if you have timthumb on your site, take steps to resolve the issue. The first 3 articles bellow are about this so read about it and stay safe.

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Plugin News

  • How To Publish To The WordPress Plugin Repository (wp.tutsplus)
    Publishing a plugin over to the repository can be a bit intimidating if you haven't done it before. This is a great articles that every developer that haven't submitted a plugin should read and actually creating and publishing a free plugin just to see how the process works.
  • Show Shortcode (wordpress)
    This lets plugin developers display their shortcodes without executing them and without any special formatting or extra work.
  • Introducing Foobar For WordPress (themergency)
    Foobar is a cool little plugin that adds a bar on top of your site that displays a custom message.
  • Resource Roundup! 20 Creative Shortcodes To Use In Your Projects (wp.tutsplus)
    Take a look at some creative implementations of the Shortcode API.
  • Introducing BriefCase (
    BriefCase is a suite of advanced plugins for PressWork that comes bundled with all of their premium themes. Briefcase adds extra functionality to help you make the most out of PressWork.


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