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News & Articles




  • Understanding the Gallery Concept (
    An excellent article on understanding the gallery concept and using it without installing any plugins.
  • Create a Multi-Layout Portfolio with WordPress (
    Make use of custom post types, featured image and jQuery UI to create a portfolio page with multple layouts.
  • Better Image Management With WordPress (
    A well written and comprehensive article on how to get the best out of working with images in WordPress. It talks about understanding and using images, managing image sizes, using featured images, creating galleries, using attachment pages, adding image data, creative attachment page uses and adding color palettes.
  • Adding Google’s +1 Button to WordPress Sites (
    Quick and easy way to add a Google +1 button to your site.
  • Developing on WordPress using Git (
    You can have your cake and eat it. There are several advantages to GIT vs. SVN and this is a great way to keep local branches in git but also commit to SVN when needed.
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