Welcome to the Seventh Annual Calendar

December 2019

It's hard to believe I first started this tradition in 2014!  

If you want to skip my jibber-jabber below, you can download the calendar here.

I've been away from Later Bloomer since early October. I've had too much to deal with, too much to process.

We use calendars to mark time. Yet time also finds a way to mark us. 

My corporate job of fourteen years had degenerated into an ethical cesspool, and management expected my complicity. My husband Dave's company of twelve years made him redundant in April.

We considered our options and agreed that early retirement made the most sense. It would stretch us financially, but my job was making me sick.

Disregarding my values and destroying my health for two more years of guaranteed paychecks seemed counterintuitive.

Within a week of making that decision, life felt like a runaway train.

A realtor friend advised that I qualify for a mortgage before resigning. We found a sweet manufactured cottage in Ojai, our dream retirement destination. It had just dropped $20,000 into our budget.

I emailed the realtor friend, who immediately arranged a showing. We put in an offer. Amazingly, despite other offers, it was accepted.

A month later, after a few financing twists and turns, the cottage was ours.

I walked off my job in October, citing ethical reasons. It was one of the most satisfying things I've ever done.

My husband and I moved a few weeks later. Three days after the moving truck left, Dave's father passed away in London.

We decided that Dave should fly back for the funeral. I would stay in Ojai to unpack and look after our beloved senior kitties, who'd found the move stressful. It was tough not being there for Dave. Then one of the kitties became ill.

November was one of the hardest months of my life.

I wanted to tell you why I've been absent from Later Bloomer. But also...

This is life. This is why mark the shortest day of the year. Why we wait for rebirth, for renewal, for the return of the sun. Why the spirituality of many cultures infuses the season. Why we hope.

We mark time. Time marks us. It's a paradox. Like later blooming. 

It's never too late to follow a dream. Yet you don't have to wait to begin. The seasons of life are yours to unfurl.

(Sunset over our little age 55+ community in Ojai.)
Sometimes that means healing and hibernating. Other times it means shining and celebrating.

I started Later Bloomer almost a decade ago, in August 2010, when I needed the inspiration to write. To call myself a writer.

I never gave up hope that one day, I would do this full-time. And now that day has come. It's scary and exciting. 

Dave, the kitties, and I are recovering and settling in. We crash-landed. But we made it.

Wherever you are in the seasons of your life, I wish you light and rest and renewal in 2020.

I hope you enjoy the Calendar!


A Few Notes About the 2020 Later Bloomer Calendar

Here's the link to the 2020 Later Bloomer Calendar again.

You can print the calendar or read it on-screen. If you print it, choose "Fit" as the PDF setting. 

If you read it on-screen, all the dates marked in red jump to an inspiring story about that person on 

I hope you'll peruse it and find something or someone to spark your own creative journey!
Thanks for reading! I'm Debra Eve, proud late bloomer and possessor of many passions.

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