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Dear Readers,

Pepper de Callier
Welcome back from the summer holiday and to our first newsletter of the autumn.
The summer was uncharacteristically busy for us but very fulfilling and engaging.  Some of the highlights were being asked to address the top 150 global talents of Deutsche Telekom in Bonn, Germany, and being asked to help create a global leadership development program for one of the fastest-growing financial institutions in the world.  In addition, a professor, Michael J. Collins, from Georgetown University, came to visit in July to share some ideas about leadership development (more about this in my book recommendation below).   
In this issue of our newsletter, I want to welcome back a distinguished member of our faculty, Eliška Coolidge, whose career has involved being an advisor to five U.S. presidents and, thankfully, spends much of her time here in the Czech Republic, her ancestral homeland, advising leaders and leaders-to-be.  In her article this month, she shares her thoughts on what I think is a sine qua non of leadership: a positive attitude.
Our other distinguished contributor is Martin Burda.  Martin shares with us an intimate story of his transition from being Chairman of the largest investment company in the Czech Republic and a former manager of the best performing offshore bond fund in the world, to being what he refers to as, the Founder and Chief Connecter of Capitalinked, an investment advisory for private investors. This is a passionate piece of advice that I know will resonate with many of our readers.
Many thanks to you both, Eliška and Martin, for two wonderfully engaging and thought-provoking pieces!
Each month a member of The Prague Leadership Institute’s faculty, or invited guest authors, share their thoughts on a wide variety of leadership-related topics.  To all of them go our sincere thanks for taking the time, and having the generosity of spirit, to share their wealth of experience.
Thank you, too, for taking the time to read our newsletter and for your support.
P.S. This month’s book recommendation comes from my meeting with Professor Collins.  After learning of my interest in Shakespeare’s play, Henry V, as it relates to the development of leaders, I learned he was a Shakespeare scholar and he, too, shared my interest in Henry V.  Then, he told me about Inspirational Leadership: Timeless lessons for leaders from Shakespeare’s Henry V by Richard Olivier, the son of one of the most celebrated Shakespearean actors of the 20th century, Sir Laurence Olivier. I sent away for it immediately, read it, and thoroughly enjoyed the insights from Olivier.  It was one of those can’t-put-it-down books for me.   

PLI Faculty Member
Alice Punch

Leadership by Positive Thinking

Eliška Hašková Coolidge
Owner, Coolidge Consulting Services
One of the greatest gifts my parents gave me is the gift of positive thinking. They taught me that it is useless to indulge in self-pity or to dwell on what might have been. They helped me to understand that the past is past, that we have no power to change or even to mitigate yesterday´s damage. We can never obliterate hurt by punishing its perpetrators, but we can gain satisfaction by building a better tomorrow. We do have power to chart a new course which will avoid past mistakes and strengthen the values that made society prosper....
Guest Contributor
Renata Mrázová

"Daddy, what is your occupation, actually?"

Martin Burda
Founder and Chief Connector of Capitalinked

That question from my little son was unexpected and stopped me dead in my tracks. As it turns out, students in his class were requested to ask this question of their parents.  I must admit, my first reaction was fear—I wanted him to be proud of his father, but would he be by saying, “My dad is an investment banker.” I wanted to put together a description of all the joy and fulfillment that the job brought me, but found out soon, I had little to say (the fact that my son’s uncle is an excellent surgeon did not help either). ...
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