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Date: 2012.09.20


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G K Chesterton said that absurdity is the best stimulus for reform. There's plenty of absurdity in the welfare state today; where we blame the poor for poverty and protect vested-interest. Major re-organisation of NHS, education and benefits disguises further centralisation and the impoverishment of local people.

Beyond Beveridge - putting people at the centre of welfare redesign - our joint project with the University of Birmingham
 WATCH  Is the UK a Fair Society? - a mini-film explaining the injustices and paradoxes of modern Britain
Just Because - a children's book that gets to the heart of human dignity and the value of human diversity

 DOWNLOAD  Personalised Transition - the most radical example of effective personalisation to date

Whose money is it? - self-directed support tries to build on direct payments but has lacks the necessary legal framework

 INVITATION  Mental Health Reform - come and join our Fellows at a powerful conference in Leeds


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