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WED • 7 PM • Flett Room

All meetings are open to the public.

In the first hour, we will be discussing the Belmont Solar Challenge.
The current workings of the tariff (the math) will be reviewed. Discussion items will include what costs are appropriately attributed to the solar customer and which costs might not be; any changes to the policy before starting a solar challenge; identifying 2 additional members for this working group. Members we will hear from include, Rebecca McNeill, Claus Becker, Mark Davis, John Kolterman, Phil Thayer, and Kim Slack, among others involved in this initiative.

The second hour will continue with discussion of the Wellington solar project, the potential for solar on the new substation, brief planning for continued work on the Green Communities application and check-in on any  last submissions for the storm water by-law (see below). Members we will hear from include those in the Energy Working Group, among others.

Mark Your Calendar

Support the Belmont Community Path

The Community Path Advisory Committee
Special forum for abutters, open to the public

January 22, 7-8:30 p.m., Beech Street Center in Belmont
The Friends of the Belmont CommUNITY Path are seeking volunteers to attend this meeting and represent a positive voice for the Path. They have several talking points and documents to share with anyone who is interested. If you are already planning to attend, they would appreciate hearing from you. Contact Philip Lawrence at

Science Cafe @ Cary Library with Special Guest Scientist Kerry Emanuel

January 23, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the Large Meeting Room (Lexington, MA) 

Stormwater Bylaw

ATTENTION: Members engaged in the Stormwater Bylaw are requested to review the following documentation and prepare to collectively submit any recommendations to the town. Group deadline January 8th (SB meeting), for town deadline of January 17th. Please send any correspondence to if you are unable to attend the regular meeting.  

The Pomona Project

Purchase date tbd (late winter)
Before you toss your holiday greenery, consider that it makes a great acidic addition to the soil for the blueberry bushes and other plants you may get from the Pomona Project or elsewhere. Snip the greens, lay them in your spot of 6 hrs or more direct sunlight and await the season. Greens also make a great removable cover for winter in general.
Sustainable Belmont is an all-volunteer organization that has regular discussions, workshops and presentations to enable the community to be environmentally sustainable. Meetings and events are open to the public.

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Kate Bowen, Chair
Darrell King, Co-Chair
John Kolterman, Adviser

In nature nothing exists alone. — Rachel Carson
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