Making a Difference at the Local Level

 Here's a sobering thought...according to figures from the UN, we're expected to add another 33 million people annually until 2050 where it's projected that our population will stabilize at  9 billion.  That's the equivalent of adding 2 more Chinas by the year 2050.

For a recap of the 12/5 talk presented by Frances Moore Lappe, click here.  


Upcoming Events  ~  All events are open and free to the public!

1/4  (Wednesday) The topic of e-waste will be discussed. The United States is the world leader in producing electronic waste, tossing away about 3 million tons each year.  Electrical waste contains hazardous but also valuable and scarce materials. As with many environmental problems there are real opportunities to be had in the solutions.
Those attending this discussion are welcome to drop-off any styrofoam packaging that might have accumulated over the holidays.  Sustainable Belmont will deliver the styrofoam to a recycling facility that deals with this material.

Belmont Public Library  Flett Room 7 – 9pm

2/1 (Wednesday)  Paul Eldrenkamp from Byggmeister will speak on home insulation and air sealing.  Paul's firm has a strong history of remodeling projects with an emphasis on sustainability.  Click here for more information about Byggmeister.

Belmont Public Library  Flett Room 7 – 9pm



Kind regards and stay mindful of your impact on the environment!

-John Kolterman
chair Sustainable Belmont
7 billion people and growing!
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