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In the spirit of Halloween, here's a scary thought.  World population just hit the 7 billion mark, up from 6 billion in 2000. According to figures from the UN, we're expected to add another 33 million people annually until 2050 where it's projected that our population will stabilize at  9 billion.  Our planet is already struggling to feed, house and provide reasonably healthy living conditions for it's occupants.

Try to name one environmental problem that is not made worse by a growing population.

Yet almost every society has a difficult time discussing this problem for a variety reasons.  Let's use this milestone as an opportunity to talk about the need for limiting population growth with our friends and family.


All events are open and free to the public!

11/2  (Wednesday) Rick Heller, Belmont resident: “Slowing Down the Consumer Treadmill,” a talk on consumerism and natural follow-up to Juliet Schor's October talk, perfectly timed for the upcoming holidays.
There will also be a presentation by two local high school students about their summer volunteering for the Food Project.  For more information about the Food Project visit:
Belmont Public Library  Flett Room 7 – 9pm

11/16 (Wednesday)  Sustainable Belmont is sponsoring a presentation and discussion with the Belmont Municipal Light Department regarding the proposed new electric substation project.  Besides the substation project there will be discussion on BMLD's plans to help the town reach it's goal of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by the year 2050.
Chenery Middle School   7:30 - 9pm

12/5  (Monday) Frances Moore Lappe, Belmont resident and author of the seminal Diet for a Small Planet: “Cultivating Our Eco-Mind—Changing the Way We Think to Create the World We Want.”
Belmont Hill School   7 - 9pm

Other notable events:

11/13 (Sunday)   MCAN Annual Conference    These are always exceptionally informative.  Details and registration can be found at: 
MIT Stata Center  Cambridge  9:30am - 5 pm  

Minutes from the October meeting:

Click here for a recap of our October meeting


Kind regards and stay mindful of your impact on the environment!

-John Kolterman
chair Sustainable Belmont
7 billion people and growing!
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