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April 2

The Belmont Uplands
Its History, Significance & Current Efforts 

April 2nd, 7-9 p.m. in the Assembly Room, Belmont Public Library
Idith Haber, Coalition to Preserve the Belmont Uplands
Anne Marie Lambert, Belmont Citizens Forum 

Anne-Marie Lambert will present a brief history of the Belmont Uplands as well as a Belmont perspective on the risks to wildlife and flooding from development in this area. Idith Haber will present the Coalition’s efforts to preserve the Uplands, the status of the building permit application, and Belmont’s new stormwater by-law and its applicability to the project.

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Members of Sustainable Belmont

Underwood Pool
When voting on funding the pool project, we have the green elements to additionally consider: having a pool nearby encourages local travel - ideally walking and biking. The new proposal does not add parking, rather it utilizes the Wellington School parking lot. It is designed to not further impact the wetlands, as well it uses natural light in the bath houses as much as possible. Read Ellen Schrieber's overview.

Read and Share Information on the Candidates. Several sources are available:
Belmont Citizen's Forum Q&A in the Recent Newsletter
Belmont Media Center Campaign Programming
Candidate Site: Roger Colton
Candidate Site: Sami Baghdady

Our last Recycling Re-Cap is complete:
Recycling Re-Cap - Part 3: Bits and Bobs and Food Scraps

In celebration of Wellington's Green Cup Challenge Achievement, we share the following article by Maria Petrova:
Green Cup Energy Challenge: Together We Helped Wellington to Win in 2014!

See you April 2nd!

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In nature nothing exists alone. — Rachel Carson
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