Making a Difference at the Local Level

Future Events and Past Accomplishments

We have put together a wonderful set of talks and a Green Garden tour for the Fall.  All events are free to the public and sure to generate some thought provoking discussions.

9/7  (Wednesday) Pablo Suarez, Associate Director of the Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre: “Treading Water: From Belmont to West Africa, how climate change affects us all.”

Belmont Public Library 7 – 9 p.m.
9/18  (Sunday) Green Garden Tour of Belmont venues with organic gardens, rain barrels, bees, chickens, fruit, solar panels, and composting.  
Mid-day; watch for exact times and map information.

10/5   (Wednesday) Juliet Schor, Professor of Sociology at Boston College, researcher and author: “ Building the Plenitude Economy,” based on her latest book Plenitude.  This book examines the limits of future growth, challenges the economic principles we have grown-up with, and provides a fresh perspective of how society could move forward in a "no growth or slow growth" mode.

Venue TBA  7 – 9 p.m.

11/2  (Wednesday) Rick Heller, Belmont resident: “Slowing Down the Consumer Treadmill,” a talk on consumerism and natural follow-up to Juliet Schor's October talk, perfectly timed for the upcoming holidays.
There will also be a presentation by two local high school students about their summer volunteering for the Food Project.  For more information about the Food Project see:

Belmont Public Library 7 – 9 p.m.

12/5  (Monday) Frances Moore Lappe, Belmont resident and author of the seminal Diet for a Small Planet: “Cultivating Our Eco-Mind—Changing the Way We Think to Create the World We Want.”
Venue TBA  7 – 9 p.m.

Other notable events:

9/20  7:30 - 9pm  Belmont Town Hall Auditorium.  Several residential solar panel installers will present ways for homeowners to have solar PV installed at no / low cost through various leasing arrangements.

9/24  3:50pm  A rally in downtown Boston as part of the worldwide event titled "MovingPlanet."  The focus of event is meant to raise awareness of the ills of our intensely consumerist society.  New England Organizers want to attract 5,000 people to this event.


Recent Accomplishments 
Over the summer, Sustainable Belmont promoted backyard composting and organized a campaign that resulted in the purchase of 90 rain barrels by town residents.

Our sister organization, the Town Energy Committee, also scored a number victories recently that will help lower the town's carbon footprint.  A partial list includes:   ** note partnering organizations involved with these efforts in parentheses. **
  1. Obtained grant funding for an additional 30 bike racks that can accommodate 300 bikes for use at schools, parks, the library, and the Belmont Center municipal parking lot. Racks should be installed by September 2011. (Belmont Department of Public Works or DPW)
  2. Invited Zipcar (short-term car rental) to Belmont. Two vehicles will be located in Belmont Center. We expect these two vehicles to be in place by September 2011. (Belmont Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator)
  3. Proposed and helped secure the adoption of the Massachusetts Stretch Energy Code by Town Meeting (Spring 2011), which will require new construction and major renovations in residential, municipal, and some commercial construction to be 20% more energy efficient than the current state building code. Effective: January 1, 2012.
  4. Helped facilitate the adoption of a town net-metering and inter-connect policy which will facilitate and encourage solar electricity (photovoltaic or PV) in Belmont. (Belmont Municipal Light Department and Belmont Municipal Light Advisory Board).
  5. Initiated discussion with the Town and School Department about the potential of placing solar PV panels on Town and School buildings. (Board of Selectmen, School Superintendent and School Committee)
  6. Created and distributed a resource handbook on maintenance activities leading to energy and related cost savings for Town and Schools. (Town Administrator and School Superintendent)
Kind regards and stay mindful of your impact on the environment!

-John Kolterman co-chair Sustainable Belmont
Coming soon to a rooftop near you!
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