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Recycling. Recycling?

March 5th, 7-9 p.m. in the Assembly Room, Belmont Public Library 
What's wrong with this picture? If you know the answer, please join us. If you don't know the answer, please join us. We will have a Q & A with Mary Beth Calnan, Belmont Recycling Coordinator on current recycling program success and future initiatives to better overall waste disposal. Members of Wellington's PTO will also share their experience with recycling in their school and GREEN TEAM initiatives. Can't be there? Please send your question and we'll be sure to include it in our published re-cap. 

*Be on the look out for upcoming special recycling day events - DPW will be hosting one and Butler will do an electronics event in April/May.

Do you have a recycling drop box in your neighborhood? We are collecting this information to make it easily available to you, but we need your input - please send:
What it is; who the company sponsoring the box is; a link to that company or organization; and location of the box. Thank you!

Members Share

Members of Sustainable Belmont
For this reminder email, here are a few of the great questions members are already asking to discuss at our Q & A:
  • I am still confused about plastics. I know the Town's recycling contract only allows for hard plastics with a triangle/number. But there are still a fair amount of hard plastic items that have no number, including such things as plastic kitchenware... not only "throw away" plastic cutlery but what about, say, a worn-out or broken plastic colander? Lots of other plastic kitchen and bathroom gadgets and items have no number – bathroom cups, soap trays etc. – is there a way to recycle plastics if there is no number present?
  • I was greatly heartened to learn from you that the plastic bags that Star/Shaws collects for Trex do not need a number. I am amazed by how those pile up. But you did caution me that no "hard" plastic can be in the the food storage bags with zippers. But some have a sliding zipper piece (very hard) and other bags have two semi-hard plastic lines that seal simply by being pressed together. What about those?
  • Can I recycle Saran wrap with the plastic bags?
  • Can plastic bottle caps and screw-tops from bottles be recycled?
  • I really like knowing I can down-cycle certain plastic bags through the TREX program at retailers and our elementary school – I now keep a counter-top container to put all these small plastics in as they accumulate in household work. What other kinds of plastic films can be recycled? And, where?
  • What is the current cost to the town for recycling vs. other waste (sent to the incinerator)?
  • I read that garbage incineration plants are worse than coal plants for carbon emissions and particulate matter. What is Belmont doing to move away from this kind of trash disposal?
  • Why can't we have recycling curbside on a weekly basis?
  • What is Belmont's recycling rate?
  • Why aren't businesses required to recycle? 

Members share news, articles and organizations of interest below. You can also share directly events and articles of interest on our Facebook page

Plastic Bottles

Person covered in plastic bottles, demonstrating the waste and need for reduction & recycling.
Many of you have expressed support for the Bottle Bill Ballot Initiative. There will be a special hearing regarding the Bottle Bill Ballot Initiative (Bill Number H3848) on March 6th at 10 AM in room A1 at the Statehouse. You may show your support by attending this hearing.

You can find a summary via the League of Women Voters.

See you Wednesday!

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