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Jeffrey Gitomer


According to, in the 135 years of Major League Baseball, there have been a total of 17,538 MLB players. Out of that 17,538, only 25 of them have hit more than 500 home runs. Of those 25, nearly half are contemporary players who may have used steroids, but the others are among baseball immortals: Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Ted Williams, Mel Ott, Mickey Mantle, Eddie Matthews, Ernie Banks, Jimmy Foxx, Frank Robinson, Harmon Killebrew, Willie McCovey, Reggie Jackson, and Mike Schmidt.

I am achieving two milestones this month. This is the 500th issue of Sales Caffeine, and I just published my 1,000th weekly column. YIKES!

Milestones are NOT goals. No one ever set out to achieve a milestone. Milestones are reached with small, consistent achievements that, when added up over a 10 or 20-year span, equal something big (something more than a goal).

My first column was written and published on March 22, 1992. Not a milestone, just an achievement. Fast-forward to June 2011. Consistent work along the way and BOOM - a milestone.

Milestones are accomplished over time from achievement after achievement. Home run after home run. To start, think one at a time, not 500.

Here are the elements of what it takes to achieve a milestone:

  • The skillset. Are your fundamentals solid? Do you have a genuine understanding or capability of where you are trying to get to?
  • The drive. You have to wake up in the morning and be ready. Not because you have to, because you want to.
  • The knowledge. Do you consider yourself an expert?

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Laurie Brown Love, Defined

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Laurie Brown, Gitomer Certified Speaker


Now, let me be clear, when I talk about love, I don't mean the romance version of love. Webster's Online Dictionary includes one of its definitions of love as: unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.

When you think of love in those terms, you can see that when it comes to sales and service, the answer to Tina Turner's question "What's love got to do with it?" is... EVERYTHING!

The Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies, Dr. Paul J. Zak (nicknamed "Dr. Love"), says "Don't miss my point: love is not a squishy concept that gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling. Love is something revealed and expressed through actions. You experience love through what people do, not what they say. I love you when I care for you, even when caring is difficult. That is the experience I want when I fly or shop. I don't want empty, feel-good slogans. Don't tell me you value me. Show me the philia (love)."

Dr. Zak, though his studies, found that our brains release the chemical oxytocin when we feel love and trust. This chemical stimulates empathy and generosity, and helps tell us who to trust. Sounds exactly like what you want your customer to feel about doing business with you.

So how can you LOVE your way to success?

Love your employees. Businesses that have the best customer service are the ones that take a people-first approach. The thinking is that if you treat your employees well, they will treat your customers well.

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Stephanie Melish Wok full of goodness!

Run, Don't Wok!

TrainONE Stephanie Melish, Sales Barista


I love Chinese food! It's one of my weaknesses in the dreaded diet-arena. I can't go very long without getting my next fix and having it show up on the scale.

Beyond my love of Chinese food, is my love of online ordering for restaurants. I'm a picky eater (refer back to my Domino's piece - NO ONIONS!) and you'll understand that I'm a girl who likes to customize my order. "Double-Tall, Non-Fat, No-Whip Mocha" for example or "Egg-Stravaganza, scrambled hard, no oil, no grits, sub fruit, whole wheat biscuit, please!" Flying Biscuit anyone?

Let me tell you, waiters and waitresses alike, LOVE me.

It's not always easy to get what you want - especially when you are picky. My precise-likeness (as I like to refer to it) can be explained to the uttermost-minor-detail through online ordering. Thank you computer geniuses everywhere! I'm now able to subtract, remove, omit, 86, and forever delete, my dreaded onions! Seriously, why are they in everything?

So when I found out recently that my new favorite Chinese restaurant offers online ordering - I knew I just had to try it out. Had to. It was a must. Sesame chicken, here I come.

I logged on. Put in my order with ease:

Sesame Chicken
Brown Rice
Spring Roll
Side of Shrimp Sauce

Paid with credit card. Added on the tip. And waited for Chinese delicousness to arrive at my door.

30 minutes passed.
40 minutes passed.
45 minutes passed.
50 minutes hit. Where in the world is Carmen Sesame Chicken?

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Terrie Sjodin Nail The Elevator Speech

"Plus-ing" the Elevator Speech

Guest Star Terri Sjodin

Don't just think of an elevator speech as a generic tool you can use in chance moments - consider the concept as a strategy to manage multiple talking points, and to communicate more complex ideas as well.

Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope? The slightest rotation and movement of the bits of glass at the bottom of the tube result in a continually shifting pattern of colors and shapes. All it takes is a small adjustment here or there and you have a dazzling montage of new possibilities. I believe the elevator speech can be just as dazzling when pushed or pulled in a different direction or used in a wide range of spaces.

Whether you are a business owner, a politician, or a sales professional, the scope of the usefulness of your speech is unlimited. By blending creativity, technology, and a sharp awareness of opportunity, you can successfully take your elevator speech to a new level.

In high school and in college, many of us played sports, worked on the yearbook committee, played in the marching band, or participated in some other group or activity. I was on the speech team.

I competed in Lincoln-Douglas policy debate and in individual events as well. Much of my time was spent practicing speeches, researching evidence to prove a case, drafting briefs and notes, and I spent countless weekends at speech tournaments. During those years, I learned the value of crafting a variety of different arguments to prove a point. I learned that it did not matter what you thought unless you could build a logical, persuasive argument with evidence to "prove" your case.

Ultimately, as a debater, you learn how to craft a variety of elevator speeches and use them individually or to combine several together to build a longer presentation when given the time. This training helped me to repurpose the arguments and content of my messages, or what I like to call "plus-ing" the elevator speech.

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“If you look deep inside trust, you will find truth.”

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Ask Jeffrey


I’m 20 years old and have worked at my local newspaper, as an advertising representative, since the day after I graduated high school in 2008. I came into the job with zero sales experience. On top of this I attend college, I play in a band, am a member of the local Lions Club and have a seat on the Career Technical Advisory Committee in the local school district. Also, importantly, I am a Big Brother.

Sales have been tough lately. The company I work for is feeling the squeeze of the economy and the advertising representatives are feeling the squeeze to perform. I know I have so much left to learn about sales and I feel like I’m learning in the toughest environment possible. At 20 years old, and the youngest person out there on the street, I feel like the sales David vs. Goliath.

I know I’m capable of being a great salesman. I am striving every day to improve. Yet, when you’re staring Goliath in the eyes and as things start to get really tough, all that self-doubt and fear comes to the surface. What advice would you give David?



Tyler (David),

Your slingshot is the Internet - something that people in print avoided for the first 10 years. You have to have an active game plan that includes online presence of your publication, social media presence of your publication, and ways to connect both your advertisers and your readers online. The only people doing well in the print industry are those who have also embraced the online marketplace. Your self-doubt stems from the fact that advertisers are harder to find. The reason for this is not the economy. The reason for this is failure to embrace the Internet.

Best regards,


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5 Simple Ways to Get Traffic to Your Facebook Page

1. Link to it. Link your page from other online channels you’ve set up such as your blog, your website, your Twitter account or your LinkedIn profile. 2. Use Twitter. Tweet your Facebook page content and links once in a while. 3. Email people about it. Send an email to people you are already connected with and tell them about your page. You may be surprised how many people just didn’t know you had a business Facebook page. 4. Use Facebook advertising. It’s targeted, it’s affordable and it works. Visit for more information. 5. Use the events application. If you’re planning an event related to your business, use Facebook’s event application to invite your fans to attend. Whey they RSVP, this action will be published to their news feed, which can be seen by their friends as well, creating more exposure to your page.

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