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To Garage Sale or Not?

Thinking of holding a yard sale, garage sale or tag sale to make some money from your unwanted items? You're not alone. These types of sales peak in the summer, when days are longer and warmer--which inspires the urge to clean out the garage and closets and make some money to fund a summer vacation.

If you're looking for quick cash with a minimal investment, you're better off selling bigger-ticket items like furniture on Craigslist or collectibles and designer goods on eBay. You'll reach a much larger pool of interested potential buyers, and you won't have to hang signs in your neighborhood, sit in your driveway for hours or be nickel-and-dimed by bargain hunters.

Expect to clear a few hundred dollars at a typical garage sale. That may seem like a good return, but consider how many hours you'll have to devote to earning that money: displaying and pricing the goods, publicizing the sale on social media and throughout your neighborhood, going to the bank to get change and small bills, boxing up everything that doesn't sell for donation and finally, going through your neighborhood to remove the signs you posted advertising your sale. 


Food Bank Donations

Any time of year is a great time to donate canned and non-perishable goods to the Second Harvest Food Bank. But donations are especially appreciated in the summer, when families can't rely on free or reduced-price school lunches to help feed their children. During a recent volunteer stint at the food bank, I saw hundreds of pounds of food go into the trash.
Here's why:
-- Canned goods had expiration dates before 2012
-- Cans were severely dented or missing their labels-- Individual servings of food (applesauce, pudding) were separated from their packaging and couldn't be definitively identified
-- Spices and herbs were so old they were bleached gray-- Items were oozing, crusty, caked or otherwise unsafe, unappealing or damaged

If you're going to donate food, please make sure you're donating items that are safe to consume. And remember that a cash donation is always welcome too.
Author and columnist Pamela Druckerman on having stuff ... and getting rid of stuff: "I recently discovered the secret to livening up even the dullest conversation: Introduce the topic of clutter. Everyone I meet seems to be waging a passionate, private battle against their own stuff, and they perk up as soon as you mention it." Read her New York Times column here
School's out!

Set a timer for 15 minutes and ask your kids to use that time to empty out their backpacks, toss old school papers and set aside supplies that they can use this fall. Make a quick note of anything that's likely to need replacing, such as lunch boxes, so you can look for those items over the summer or at back-to-school sales. 
Handy tip: Reinvigorate a dirty backpack or icky lunchbox by using a spray cleaner on stains and then washing it in cold water with your next load of laundry. Air dry.
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