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Toy Story

And speaking of holidays … gift-giving season is on the horizon. Americans each purchase about 13 presents, according to Statista. And I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that kids receive a disproportionate number of those gifts. Where will all those shiny new toys go? Parents complain that their kids’ rooms and play areas are already packed with playthings, games, puzzles, action figures, dolls and Legos.
Why not set aside some time between now and Thanksgiving to have your kids do some decluttering? If they’re old enough for the task, ask them to set aside any games and gadgets they’ve outgrown, any toys or puzzles that are missing key pieces and anything they no longer want.
Can you give them a small gift or two this holiday season and splurge on experiences with them … fancy coupons for ice cream cones, a Giants game, a night in Santa Cruz or a trip to Children’s Fairyland? Research shows that we get greater, more lasting happiness from experience than “stuff.” So why not give your kids the benefit of that research?


Haunted By Holiday Décor?

Sunscreen and flip-flops are gone from store shelves, and Halloween candy and costumes have taken their place. In the past few years, I’ve noticed a sharp increase in the amount of holiday-themed decorations for sale in stores and on display in homes.
Whether it’s plush elves and reindeer at Christmas or skeletons and pumpkins at Halloween, many people like to celebrate the season by adorning their workspaces, homes and yards.
Are your holiday decorations taking over your garage or your house? Perhaps you might want to limit the money you’re spending on décor, the time you’re spending on taking it out and putting it away and the amount of space you’re devote to storage. Here are some tips on how to set limits:
  • Cap yourself at a certain dollar amount. You might commit to spending only $25 on Halloween decorations this year (not including Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, of course!).
  • Restrict your holiday décor collection to a set number of bins. Donate the Christmas lights, wreaths and candles that don’t fit into your designated storage space.
  • Devote a set amount of time to decorating. Try setting a timer for an hour and displaying only what can be put out in that time.
  • Choose carefully. A few carefully selected gourds are an understated way to celebrate fall.
If You Have Only 15 Minutes …
Add some spice to your life. Remove all spices and herbs from your kitchen cabinet. Toss any that you know you’ll never use again—in my house, that’s ground mustard. Toss any that have lost their robust color and scent. (Most are good for only about two years, max.) Add items to your shopping list if needed. And turn to the Internet for help with creating your own spice blends using you have on hand. Here’s a helpful Epicurious article on how to mix up Cajun rub and Jamaican jerk seasoning, plus others.
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