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Jonalyn and her husband, Eric, with their three children. 

Jonalyn Javier, a woman who lives nearby the Frontline ministry center was once bound by bitterness and disappointment. As a teenager, Jonalyn harbored deep bitterness and hatred against her family and friends; but especially against her father. As time went on she became more rebellious, and thought that finding her partner in life would help her "move on," and escape the hurt and pain.


She did find a partner, and began having children at a very young age. Now at age 23 Jonalyn is a mother of three. However, besides the burden of caring for her children, she and her live-in boyfriend would argue and hurt each other physically and emotionally almost every day. She also found that her bitterness and hurt never left, and in some ways was worse than ever.


Sally(left) leading a small group in 

Sto. Niño.

Sally Cappal, a Frontline staff member began to lead a group into the neighborhood to minister to those living in the area. She established a small feeding program one day each week, and began sharing God's love with those she met. Jonalyn and her boyfriend began to attend these events, and after several weeks gave their lives to Christ; and their lives were changed dramatically.


The Bible became real and active in their hearts, and through Bible studies they have learned the necessity of forgiveness and being humble toward each other. Their relationship as husband and wife has grown, and the fighting and hurting each other has stopped.


Together forever!  

April 5th, 2011.

Not only that, but on April 5, 2011, they were legally married through a mass wedding performed at Frontline Worship Center, where ten couples (most who already had many children) were married before the Lord, and are now living as legally married couples! 


Jonalyn is so thankful to see the truth that in God, nothing is impossible.  She is now healed, and free from the strongholds of hurt and bitterness, and believes her family and future has been changed forever. 


Frontline staff, prayer warriors, and donors, this is what we are all about!  Lets keep "working while it's day" to see more lives changed by God's love and grace. 

With You in the Why,



Jeff Pessina- Director

Philippine Frontline Ministries


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