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Christian Buenaflor
Christian Buenaflor grew up in a poor, but loving family. “We lived a simple life, with simple needs. Despite our poor living conditions, what was important for us was at least to stay together as a family.”

Christian finished his secondary education, but instead of pursuing the college degree he had dreamed of, he had to look for a job to be able to help his family. He worked as waiter and cashier in a restobar for more than two years.

“I was young, vulnerable, and unhappy. Somehow I always ended up getting into fights, even when I was trying to avoid them. I got myself into all kinds of trouble, and my life seemed to have no direction. I wanted to change, and told myself I was going to. But every time I tried, it never lasted more than a few weeks before I was back to my old self again - a war freak.”

Several months ago one of the youth of FWC Santisimo Site shared the word of God with Christian, and invited him to a Sunday service. Christian agreed to go without hesitation because he had been deeply impacted by the life change he had seen in one of his lifelong friend who had started attending.

Christian and his Family
“During the Sunday worship service someone called the new attendees to come forward, and then he shared with us about salvation. He explained that God loved me and had a plan for my life; that He died so that I might have the fullness of life and be forgiven for my sins. I followed the salvation prayer that morning, and from that day on I completely surrendered my life to God.”

Today, Christian belongs to Life Group that consistently meets together to strengthen their faith. He also has a mentor who guides him in his daily walk with God. From the time he gave his life to Christ he began praying for his entire family to also come to God. Then, in August of this year his father was hired as a carpenter for the construction of the new FWC church building being built in Santisimo. Because of this project his father attended a Sunday worship service and also gave his life to the Lord that day! Now, both of his parents, and his three siblings are actively attending the FWC Santisimo services.

“I thank God for all that He has done in my life. And I thank God for the Frontline Ministry, for sharing the gospel and God’s love to me and my family. It has forever changed our lives.”

Frontline staff and partners, this is the “why” for the investment of time, prayer, and finance! May the Lord help us never to forget, in the midst of our daily routines, that this is what we are really doing.

With You in the Why,

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