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Jennifer Reyes

Thanks to a young boy enrolled at Frontline Christian Academy (FCA), Jennifer Reyez has become a committed Christ follower; the influential young boy was her thirteen year old son, Joshua.


"I was born in San Pablo City. My parents separated when I was young, so me and my three siblings were raised by my grandmother. Though we had a broken home, my grandmother took good care of us, and I grew up as a friendly and joyful person. I was able to finish my schooling, and eventually graduated from College with a degree in Liberal Arts, majoring in economics. After my schooling I got married, and had two sons; Joshua (13) and Jhayel (8).


"I was a religious person, and thought that being religious was good enough. But I had a lot of doubts and questions about my faith. I was searching for a place where I could be satisfied, and where my questions could be answered.


Jennifer and her son were
baptized on the same day!

"Not long ago I enrolled my youngest son Jhayel at FCA for Kindergarten. I saw that all of the teachers at the Frontline school actually cared about their students, and that they were good educators. So I soon moved my other son Joshua to FCA also.


"Many of the FCA students are members of the Frontline Worship Center. Joshua soon made friends there, and got involved in the church. Not long after, he started inviting me to go with him to the worship services. He was so persistent, that one day last February I decided to go; and it was there that I found who God really is, and how deeply He loved me. Since then I have experienced God working in my life in wonderful ways!


"Joshua and I became true Christ followers and we were baptized together last April 3, 2011. I now am coming to know God more and more, and I've learned a lot about the gospel.

Jennifer with her sons



"I really love Frontline! God used them to lead me to know the Lord personally, and to resolve my doubts and questions. I'm always excited to go to church now, because I hear the Word of God, and am always reminded that He gave His one and only Son for you and I.


Jennifer still has dreams of a better life and more secure future for her family, but she now pursues her goals as a bright and enthusiastic Christ follower!


This story is another reminder of what our partnership in the gospel is doing. Frontline staff, volunteers, prayer and financial partners... thank you for being on the team! It's making a difference every day!


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