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Ruben Atienza Pingol
“I was married to a loving wife, we had five children, and life was good. My wife landed a well paying job overseas, and I had a regular job of my own. I felt like I was on top of the world.”

That’s how Ruben Pingol (53) described his life at one time. But things suddenly changed when the company he worked for closed, and the only job he could find was at the local Police detachment. This new “work” led him into a miserable life, as he was soon involved in illegal activities such as receiving bribes from illegal loggers. He also started drinking heavily, womanizing, and using shabu (a form of crack cocaine). Then, when a complaint was filed against him he even lost this job. Finally, his wife decided to leave him, and even his children lost respect for him and went to live with their mom.

Jail MInistry
Ruben continued to drift further from God, and life got even worse. He got involved with another woman who was using and selling shabu, and he became a big time pusher. But when he saw that most of his drug pushing friends ending up either dead or behind bars, he began to fear he would suffer the same fate. So he left that area and settled in San Pablo City. Nevertheless, he continued dealing, and started making lots of money, until he even became a threat to a big-time drug syndicate in the area.

Jeff Rice and Ruben
“They set me up. One day the police arrested me and charged me with child abuse, rape, and the use and trade of drugs. I was immediately put in jail. But I was not safe there. I knew I could be killed inside by this syndicate. So I used a false name inside in an attempt to remain unknown.”

Ruben sharing his testimony
“In all of this, the Lord was at work. I can see the hand of God to reach and change my life. At the Jail I began seeing Jeff Rice and the Frontline team. They came to visit and minister every Tuesday. I noticed the inmates would come back from meetings smiling, and with new hope, despite thier situation. At first my motive for joining those meetings was to eat better rice! But after several weeks I noticed I had become hungry for God, and wanted to know Him. It was no longer about food, toothpaste, soap, or clothes. I was excited to know and sing praises to God and fellowship with others.”

Jeff Pessina and Max Beloso
praying for Ruben
Ruben began praying every night that God would make a way for his freedom. He promised the Lord he would share his story with other people if he was released. For years the court had ignored his case. But one day, he was surprised to be given a notice for a hearing, and a competent lawyer to defend his case! At a critical hearing, the complainant didn’t even show up. So the judge asked Ruben, “If I set you free will you promise to change?” Ruben replied, “Sir, God has already changed me!”

Ruben and his Pastor Abner
A week later, his son came to the jail with his release papers, and Ruben was a free man again! He immediately went back to his hometown to start over. Though many people rejected him, he searched for a church that would love him. He started attending The Lord of the Harvest Church and he felt genuine love and acceptance, and he became part of a small group. Today, Ruben boldy shares his testimony in the evangelistic events of the church, and it has served to touch and change the lives of many others.

Ruben and Lord of the Harvest Family
“I’m like Job. I lost everything. But God is restoring what I lost. I’ve regained the love and respect of my children and family. And I am forever thankful to Frontline and Jeff Rice, for reaching out and sharing the love of God to people like me in the jail.”

Frontliners... this is what our work and giving is all about! This is our “why.” Thank you Lord!

With You in the Why,

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