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Summer time, while being a much welcomed break for kids and youth, can also present several challenges and difficulties; when youth stop using their minds for academics and face boredom they are much more prone to get into trouble!

That is what sparked us at Face the Children to start our Step It Up summer program. The first was in 2012, and we just completed our 2nd annual program, and it was awesome! The daily layout is simple: Bible readings (values and training), Spelling and Math (education), and Outdoor Activities (team games).

Indoor activities

There were certain requirements for all the kids, of all ages, such as knowing the Ten Commandments, knowing the Lord’s Prayer, or sharing your “life story” (testimony) in less than one minute. The older kids had to choose a Life Verse (a certain verse in the Bible to live by). By the end of the program all 40 kids met the the requirements, and everyone enjoyed a grand celebration at the Splash Island water park!

Playing "Sipa Bola" (kick ball)
By doing this we were able to continue teaching the Word of God (discipleship), keep the kids minds thinking (education), and not let the them sit around all day doing nothing (outdoor games, exercise and fun!). The FTC Staff and volunteers worked hard and did an excellent job at making this a huge success. We’re already looking forward to next summer for Step It Up 2014, which is sure to be bigger, better, more fun, and overall more awesome!

Minds at work
Our work of engaging and impacting the lives of others is sometimes downright fun; this is one of those times. Supporters and staff at Frontline can all be proud of what is happening in the lives of these children, and that’s what it’s all about.

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