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Jerome Cadalin

Jerome Cadalin is 24 years old. His experiences have led him to an understanding that life is very short, and now he says, “If you want to live... you should live right.”

“My family life was average. We could eat three times a day. My mother was a fish vendor, but my father was unemployed. I was the oldest of four children, and the only boy. I went to high school until my fourth year, but because me and my companions went out roaming and drinking so much, I didn’t finish. I also developed a serious relationship with a girl when I was only nineteen. We started living together, and had two children. We were always fighting though, and eventually we broke apart, and she left with the kids.”

“One day my uncle and I went to a party, and he got punched by some guys. We just left to go calm down, but later decided to go back to dance. I suggested we go to the middle of the dance floor to avoid any trouble. But when we got there, those guys came out and started a brawl. One of them had a knife and he stabbed me three times.”

Stab wounds
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“I was seriously wounded, and all I could do was crawl to get away from the fighting. I could not stand up, and was bleeding badly. No one was helping me, but just staring at me. When I got all the way out of that place, I saw a teenage boy and girl, and begged for help. Thankfully they found someone nearby who knew me, and was not a part of that gang, and they rushed me to a hospital. My body was getting weaker by the minute, and all I could do was pray. I begged God to help me. ‘I know you have a better plan for my life God! And though I don’t know what it is, please give me another chance.'”

Thankfully, the Lord heard Jerome’s prayer, and he survived; yet after he recovered, it seems he forgot about his prayer to God. After some time however, he moved to San Pablo City, where his cousins introduced him to Philippine Frontline Ministries, and the church members of the San Gregorio site. Jerome sees this now as a divine appointment.

Jerome with his new Frontline family
“Frontline had a major impact on my life, and this was a turning point in my life. It was here that I began to learn and understand more about God, and to experience a real walk with the Lord. I feel now that I have come to actually know God, and am proud to say it’s fun to serve the Lord! My dream now is to preach the Word of God. I want to see lives changed and saved just like what God has done for me.”

Frontline staff, prayer and financial partners, it’s stories of impact and changed lives like this that continue to inspire our hearts. Once again, we can rejoice together at what the Lord is doing through our ministry.  This has nothing to do with credit, because we know that the glory is of God alone. This is about return on our investment; about celebrating together and thanking God for the results of our partnership in the Gospel.

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