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Alexis Manalo
Alexis Manalo was badly troubled in his previous school. Then he came to Frontline Christian Academy (FCA), and says it has changed his life! Following is a short story submitted by Alexis.

In my last school, the students are obsessed with becoming famous and successful in the world. Many of the students got into fights, and the disciplinary coordinator was overly strict. Even for minor things he would yell and curse at you, and tease you, and then suspend you. If we got into trouble we would sometimes be made to clean the entire campus, or something else really difficult.

When exams came around, I could never pass, and my grades were always failing. My grandmother, who was my guardian, noticed this and asked if I wanted to transfer to a different school. I’m not sure why, but I told her I didn’t want to move. Later however, she had made up her mind to transfer me to FCA.
Alexis with his friends
My first day at Frontline Christian Academy, I was welcomed warmly by all the teachers, and it was a pleasure to meet them. Before long I discovered it was a pleasure to be at FCA. The people here seemed to understand my problems. The teachers are like second parents to me, always happy, and very godly people.

Here at FCA, I learned to turn away from my bad attitudes and vices. I used to drink a lot, but here, my Christian friends encouraged me to stay away from things like that. People who knew me before have noticed a difference in me, and have been asking me why I have changed, and become kinder and more godly.

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