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Elsa Abad faithfully serves at Frontline.

Elsa Abad is a faithful woman called by God to work with Frontline twenty six years ago. Raised as a devout Catholic, Elsa followed the religious practices of holy mass, routine prayers, and tried to stay out of trouble. As she grew older, she was invited to a Bible Study where she learned, through a Gospel message, the reality of God's love for her. She committed her life to Christ at that time, and was changed dramatically. Shortly after that time, in 1985, Frontline (then called "Christ is the Answer") came to her town, put up a big gospel tent, and began preaching the Gospel every night.


 Elsa, front row, second from right, posing for a picture in Mexico where she 

served for many years.

Elsa attended several of the meetings and felt a stirring in her heart to join the ministry. She applied, was accepted, and has served passionately and faithfully ever since. For nine years Elsa served as a foreign missionary in Mexico. She worked hard there also, traveling from place to place, sharing the love of God with the Mexican people. Elsa has an intercessor's heart, and has spent countless hours in prayer and intercession, and always champions the ministry of prayer.


Elsa and Jerry now serve as

teammates for life.

When she returned to the Philippines, she met her husband Jerry who was also serving with Frontline. Together as husband and wife, they continue to serve in prayer and intersession, handling life groups, feeding programs, door to door evangelism, and Elsa is also a part of the staff at Frontline Christian Academy.


Through people like Elsa, we are able to continue to pursue what God has for the country of the Philippines. Thank you for being, by extension, a part of Elsa's life and our ongoing mission through your prayer and financial support!


With You in the Why,



Jeff Pessina- Director

Philippine Frontline Ministries


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