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  Our Weekly Why
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"The Bible says, I can do everything through Christ, 

who gives me strength. My vision now is to reach and help others who are walking in the wrong direction in life."

Adriano Mortillo is 22 years old. He's the 5th child of a family of 8. Due to the struggle of poverty, he was able only to finish grade school. After that, because the family was poor, Jano needed to go to work to help provide food. When he was 15, life got even harder when his parents permanently separated.


"I grew up as a closed person, and did not care about others. I was very angry toward my parents, and easily gave into peer-pressure as a teenager. I focused on my own desires and just worked so I could eat a basic meal every day. I didn't care about my future because I didn't finish high school or go to college. So I lived a life with no hope, and depended on nobody's support except my own.


Adriano(left) with Pastor Noriel(right)

in the front of the new Baloc Church

"When my sister got married, we decided to move to the home area of her husband; a place called Baloc in San Pablo City. This is the location of the city garbage dump. We found work there, sorting through the garbage, and separating recyclables to sell to the junk shops.


"It was there in Baloc, in 2006, that I first encountered Frontline. They came out to our forgotten, dusty place from time to time to give food, and to share the Word of God. Every time they came, my friends and I would listen to them, but after a fw visits my friends said they were bored, and would just walk away, and I went with them. But one time I asked myself, "Why am I hiding? They're telling me about the Word of God." So I decided to stay and listen whenever they came.


"Soon all of my friends began to tease me, and as I started to change my family became mad at me for my new ways of thinking. I would ask myself, "Why is this happening to me?" One day I shared my struggles with some of the Frontline team. They encouraged me and raised my spirits, telling me there is hope from God. I decided then to give my life over to Jesus Christ. After that day, I truly felt that He was in control.


Ardriano (right) with his friends
This photo was taken after Evangelism Outreach

"God used Frontline to change my life. They taught me to have a good relationship with God, and to use my talents and testimony to glorify the Lord. And then my family was even provided with a new house through a Frontline housing program! I can't describe how awesome our God is!


"I Thank God for Pastor Noriel and his wife Rina, who came to serve full time in this place. They have trained and encouraged leaders here, and now we even have our own church in Baloc!


To our staff and partners... This is WHY of our work and partnership. Jano is another life that has been reached, helped, and changed. Thank you Jesus!


With You in the Why,

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