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Bethany and Adelina
For Adelina Fe life was confusing and difficult, to say the least. She grew up feeling completely unloved, and that no one cared about her. She was shy, confused, hurting and hungry when one of the Frontline staff found her sitting by the highway in San Pablo City.

“I was only nine months old when my parents separated. After that I lived with my grandmother, who took good care of me for several years. But one day I went to live with my father and stepmother who, unfortunately, were always fighting and yelling. It seemed they were always mad at me, but for no reason.”

“One day my step-mother brought me to San Pablo City, and left me with one of her friends. I had no idea what was going on. But I decided to stay, thinking that maybe these people will love and care about me. But things got even worse. I experienced a lot of people mistreating me, and making fun of me every day, always saying words to hurt me. My heart was broke, and eventually I could not take it anymore, and decided to run away and go to a bus station. Even though I had no money or anything at all, I was just hoping that someone would give me a free ride home. But no one offered me anything, so I just went walking around, and sat down along the highway at a waiting shed. That’s when I saw a young woman who had come to buy a soda, and she started talking to me.

With her new family the interim kids
Brother Jeff (PFM Director) recalls getting a phone call one afternoon from his daughter Bethany, who sounded concerned. “Dad, there’s a 13 year old girl here sitting along the highway at a waiting shed. She’s obviously in need. All she has is a little plastic bag. She’s dirty, and looks scared. I think she’s hungry, and she has no money at all. She told me she wants to find her dad, but he might be in Bicol. Can we do something for her?”

Bethany was told to take Adelina back with her to the Frontline Academy (where Beth was teaching a class), and wait there. It took only a couple hours to inform the appropriate authorities and establish the proper groundwork. Then, Adelina was taken and introduced to the staff and the other kids at the new FTC interim center, where she found the beginning of a whole new life experience.

Adelina with her House parents (Ronnie and Cristy)
“As of now,” Adelina says, “I'm full of joy! There are a lot of people here who care about me and love me.” Although she struggles with self-esteem, she has found new confidence in herself, and has learned how to communicate well with others. She loves her new family in Christ at FTC. Once a shy girl with no reason to hope... she is now smiling, coming out of her shell, an even says she dreams of becoming a Doctor.

Adelina is one of several children that have come under the care of our interim center in the past several months. What a joy it is to have a place where abandoned children can quickly come for safety, care, and life changing love. One thing is certain... no one could touch so many lives alone. So once again, thanks for being a part of the Frontline team!

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