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Christie and Zharmaine 

at FTC two years ago.

Christie and Zharmaine used to live with their mother and her boyfriend at the Baloc dump-site, where hundreds of people live in absolute poverty, digging through trash to recycle to make some sort of living to survive on. Life at the dump is hard, and due to the conditions, dangers for children abound. Although they were loved deeply by their mother, that was not enough to protect them from abuse.


Baloc members sorting through trash
to make a living.

As Frontline began to invest more time at Baloc, we felt led one day to ask about the safety of the children living there. The very day this question was asked, one of the local school teachers explained that two girls had been abused just the night before. With permission, Jeff Rice kindly approached the girls and sat with them as they cried. The same day, we began the legal processes to get these children into the safety of Face the Children (FTC) full time.


Christie and Zharmaine, all smiles, as they pose with their older brother Yoji.

They have now been with FTC for nearly four years! A few weeks ago Christie celebrated her 18th birthday "debut" (a Filipino tradition). Her heart aches for the lost and she loves ministering and sharing God's love with others. Younger Zharmaine is one of the sweetest soft spoken girls one could ever hope to meet. Both are active in church, growing in Christ, and doing well in our school. These are two beautiful and bright young ladies whose lives have been drastically changed by the love of God.


We praise God for what He has done for these two beautiful children, and we are thankful for people like you, whose partnership in prayer and financial support make these victories possible. The future of these two girls has been dramatically altered because of what we all do together!


With You in the Why,



Jeff Pessina- Director

Philippine Frontline Ministries


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