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Allan Jay Mission

Allan J. Mission, 19, was exposed to Christianity and church at a young age, and grew up aware of many Biblical truths. Yet, as he explains, "Most of my life has been filled with disappointment and poor choices as I searched for acceptance. I was aware of what the Bible said about the supposed third sex, yet I still made a lot of wrong choices."


"I grew up being teased a lot because I was somewhat feminine; so I felt very different from others. Like many young people, I was confused and searching for a place to fit in. I didn't know who I was, what I wanted, or where to go. Eventually, I started hanging around with people like me. I thought they would understand, care, and accept me as I was, but I was wrong; and I just drifted farther away from God. Eventually, I started cross-dressing and pursuing guys I was attracted to. Though I now had friends, I would still go home unhappy, feeling trapped, alone, disturbed, and asking God why my life was like this."


Allan singing with the Music team
during the recent Church Anniversary

Then a few months ago one of the youth from Frontline Worship Center met Allan, shared the Word of God with him, and invited him to a youth gathering.


"Though I had grown up attending church, I had not completely surrendered to God. I felt God was now giving me another chance. That very instant I surrendered my life fully to the Lord. Later I attended the Sunday Celebration and youth services at the Frontline Santisimo Campus. I was surprised that I never felt condemned or judged. Rather, they were God's channel of love and kindness to me. I finally found what I had been looking for all along - true acceptance."

Allan(in white) sharing his testimony

 with other young people


"Changing my gay lifestyle is a challenging task I face every day; the things I used to do, the way I speak, act and think is a challenge I'm progressing through day by day. But thankfully I'm not alone. I have people praying for me, encouraging me, and I am being discipled through a personal mentor which helps me a lot with my spiritual growth."


Allan believes his experience will become useful in reaching out effectively to other people going through the same things he did. He is also being apprenticed as a worship leader, and to lead life groups.


Allan is another person thankful for the mission and vision of Frontline. And as a partner with this ministry, you have a part in Allan's walk to the cross of Christ! This is why we do what we do... together.


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