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Our Weekly Why
A closer look at what we're really doing around here!


When Elmer Baldonaza was still just a little boy, his parents separated. For some time afterwards he had been living with his mother and step-father. Instead of going to school he helped keep food on the table by collecting clams in the ocean.

One day he met his father and older brother. His brother asked him to runaway and move in with them. So, at the mere age of seven, he ran away to join his Dad. It did not take long for him to realize the grass wasn't greener on the other side. He often had to watch his father abuse his brother. Elmer was a favorite child, so he was never physically harmed; but he hated seeing his brother being hurt.

Elmer thought if he went away perhaps his brother would not be abused anymore. So at barely eight years old, he left the dirt floored shanty they lived in to roam the streets. For three years he lived on his own as a street child. He would be taken in by different people here and there, but when things turned bad, he would always run away again. He learned how to lie, sniff glue, steal, and beg.

When he was ten, Rhoda Beloso met him on the streets of Binan, Laguna... a town hundreds of miles from his home area. When Frontline started Face the Children, some staff went back to Binan to search for Elmer. In time, he was located, and became the first official child of the Face the Children (FTC) effort. Not long after, he was informally adopted by the Pessina family, and lives now as one of their own.

At first Elmer was known as a trouble maker. But soon God would catch his heart. At eleven years old he gave his life to Christ in a church service. Now he is a member of the youth leadership, and being trained as a leader. He loves being on the dance team as well as playing guitar on the worship team. Though he isn't perfect, he is now hungry for God and reads his Bible daily. He also attends Frontline Christian Academy and is getting a great education.

Recently Elmer said, "I know that God has called me. And I know one day He will use me as His servant. I'm excited to invite others to the youth services, because I want them to realize God has a plan for them too."

We often wonder what life would be like for Elmer had Frontline never found him? Would he still be on the streets? Sleeping, begging, sniffing glue? In jail? Or dead?

Elmer is a life that has been changed because of people who care to reach out, and because of those who care to give. As a Frontline staff or financial partner, remember what it is you do. And when people ask why you give or serve... tell them about Elmer.

With You in the Why,

The Frontline Team
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