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Our Weekly Why
A closer look at what we're really doing around here!


Makoy singing at the tent outreach.
Mark Anthony Patal, otherwise known by his nickname of "Makoy" is a twenty-five year old young man whose life has been changed. He grew up a very shy boy in a poor family. His parents did their best to raise him, but deeply struggled to make ends meet. He knew the importance of education and although it was hard, was determined to go to school; Even though he had to walk back and forth, and had no money for a daily lunch to nourish him.

In September of 2001, Makoy came to a Frontline tent outreach and heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. That night, under the big yellow and white tent, he became a follower of Christ.
Makoy, with his youth apprentice, Roldan Salaver, from Face The Children.

The following year, Makoy committed himself to full time service at Frontline and began to be trained under Pastor Ruel DelMonte. Makoy began to change and his family noticed that he was no longer their quiet and shy son. Instead, he was happy, confident, and full of life. Not long after, his family came and also gave their lives to Christ!

Makoy is now the youth pastor at Frontline Worship Center (BluBox), serving and sharing with the young people, just as others have done with him over the years. He is now a leader and mentor to other youth, and also teaches Bible classes at Frontline Christian Academy. How amazing it is to see God's work come full circle in the life of people like Makoy!

Seeing lives changed by the love of Christ is priceless. This is what your work and partnership with Frontline is really all about.

With You in the Why,

The Frontline Team
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