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Nelia Katigbak
Nelia Katigbak is a faithful worker leading the hospital outreach since 2006. Throughout these past years she has visited the hospital every week to share the gospel, pray for the sick, and provide medical assistance to needy patients at the provincial hospital. Her enthusiasm and dedication is contagious, and she always has a team around her.

“Before I got involved in this ministry, I experienced many trials in life that tested my faith in God. I remember bringing my son to this hospital with severe abdominal pains and discovered it was almost too late. We nearly lost him to poisoning from a burst appendix. He needed to undergo an operation immediately. I was overwhelmed with the costs of the hospital and medicines, and did not know where to go to for help. We had no money at all, and my only option was to cry out to God; and my prayers were answered! I was so blessed to have brothers and sisters at Frontline who cared enough to extend their prayers and financial support for my son.”

Nelia with the patient
“I believe I went through this experience as part of a preparation for God’s calling for me. Since then, each time I see patients losing hope because of their condition I always remember my experience, and I share with them what God did for me. How God gave us not only financial help and physical healing, but also healed our soul and spirit in Christ.”

Over the past eight years Nelia has faithfully led teams week after week to the hospital, where together they have ministered to and helped hundreds of needy patients spiritually, physically, and even financially.

Nelia accompanied with several of the FTC Children to visit people in the hospital
“What a great joy to see how prayer and the Word of God impacts the lives of those that are sick and suffering. We’ve seen miracles of healing, and miracles of provision. We’ve seen people uplifted and encouraged just because someone cared. Seeing them hope and trust in God as we minister to them gives me more than enough reason to love what we do!”

Frontline... this is WHY we do what we do. It’s dedication and compassion like this that every partner and worker of Frontline can be proud of.

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