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Student Council
In July, about one month after school officially started, Frontline Christian Academy, Inc. held its first StuCo (Student Council) elections. The idea was inspired by one of the school staff, as she remembered how exciting it was to be part of the student council when she was in school. It immediately sparked excitement in my heart. Not long after, one of our partners from Illinois came with a team, bringing with them some teenagers who just so happened to be leaders in their Student Council organization, and they were able to impart some vision and encouragement.

Judea, StuCo President
Judea Delos Santos was elected president. She has been in our Face the Children program for over six years, and has been a consistent honor student. Their first project was a street feeding. The students chipped in to by the needed food, and did the feeding the first week of August, a couple weeks after election. The officers cooked a nutritious meal after class and went into the city, where many poor people spend much of their day begging for change to buy food. Many children and adults followed their noses (well, most were informed by the student council) and arrived at the site, where there bellies were filled with good food, and their hearts with the love of Christ.

StuCo's Feeding Program
Here at FCA this is what we truly want to see happen; that our students become aware of their responsibility to reach out and help people in need. StuCo's programs and projects will always be directed towards promoting social awareness, responsibility, and personal leadership development, and spreading God's love through acts of kindness that will be remembered. Through your prayers, and support, more and more people can be touched with the goodness of Christ.

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