I've been asleep for the past 56 hours.

Because this thing's so dang comfortable.

Amazingly comfortable relaxation hub Image
Amazingly comfortable relaxation hub Image
Amazingly comfortable relaxation hub GIF
Amazingly comfortable relaxation hub GIF

A zero-gravity relaxation pod for deep, pure relaxation

Close your eyes for a second.


Imagine feeling the freedom of weightlessness wrapped in this ultra-premium relaxation bean bag, gently surrounded by plush walls of true comfort. Feel yourself drifting off, cocooned in its wonderfully soft surface.

Now open your eyes.

The world is a noisy, stressful place.

But when you're laying on this? You won't even know it's there.

Super versatile smart luggage Image
Super versatile smart luggage GIF
Super versatile smart luggage GIF
Super versatile smart luggage GIF

Wildly innovative smart luggage to make traveling a breeze

Look, we get it overly ambitious TSA agent... 

Laptops out. Shoes off. Toiletries in the bin.

And no, there's not anything left in my pockets.

You're well aware that traveling can be a pain in the butt sometimes, but with this smart luggage, it'll go a whole lot smoother. These versatile suitcases are truly the perfect blend of durable construction and modern tech.

From expandable compartments, to GPS tracking, to facial-locking technology, this luggage is EXACTLY what a frequent traveler needs in 2018.

Really cool underwater drone Image
Really cool underwater drone GIF
Really cool underwater drone GIF

A super portable underwater drone with an ultra-HD camera

When I was 10-years-old, I went snorkeling with my family. Right before we climbed back in the boat, I looked behind me and saw a barracuda.

I'll spare you the grizzly details of what happened next, but let's just say I had to change swimsuits when we got back to shore.

This amazing underwater drone lets you experience all the thrills of snorkeling and diving without so much as dipping your toes in the water.

Its long-lasting battery and lightweight design make it perfect for anyone who loves underwater exploring. 

Quick & easy charger GIF

Quickly charge 4 devices at once with this simple device

Sure, we could write a big, long explanation about all the awesome features of this charger.

But this is really all you need to know:

It's affordable, versatile, and charges your devices super freakin' fast.

Very soft, anti-odor towel image

Extremely soft bath towels that dry crazy fast

You know those thin, colorful towels that you're really only supposed to use at the beach?

Well for the past three years, I've used one as my bath towel.

Yes, the same one the entire time.

I think you'd agree it's time for an upgrade — and these super absorbent towels may just be the ticket.

They dry incredibly fast, reducing odors and leaving you with a fresh, dry towel every single time.


These past favorites are ending soon!

Brush your teeth super fast GIF

Brush your teeth 4X faster with this!

Hey, it's OK.

We know you don't floss.

But at least you'll brush your teeth more often with this!

Relaxing massaging foam roller GIF

Ohhhhh that feels good...

There's probably not a random person in a white coat willing to massage your neck at all hours of the day.

But this pain-relieving roller is the next best thing!


Dumb people + fireworks = some seriously funny stuff

Did I really just spend the last hour on YouTube looking for the absolute best fireworks fail compilation?

Yes, yes I did.

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