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Join Us As We Celebrate Our Fourth Anniversary!

Did you know that Pink Petal Books will officially turn four in October? That's right! We began officially releasing books in October 2008. To celebrate our fourth anniversary stay tuned to our blog. We will be offering some fun triva questions every week for your chance to win prizes. In addition, we'll have free downloads available.

To get us started, here is a free story from our author Shelley Martin. Enjoy!

Spirit Tracks by Shelley Martin

Lord Arch is the most ruthless assassin in the spirit world.  Beyond a trail of broken hearts, he has only one mark on his record; a woman he’s completely banned from.  But on his newest target uses that bit of knowledge to hide himself within the perimeter of said woman. Despite the knowledge he may be dethroned, Arch cannot let the girl of his memories be threatened in any way.  No matter what.

Richelle didn’t regret coming to her grandfather’s remote cabin, until she found a dead body outside her bedroom window.  And next to him lay an injured man that looked remarkably like her childhood crush.  She nurses him back to health in her own bed.  After shared memories soften Arch’s heart, they find themselves locked in a passionate embrace. But upon discovery, Richelle learns that she’s married the assassin by taking off his clothes and placing him in her bed.

Can they find a way to break the marriage contract, or is Richelle doomed to live the bloody life of an assassin’s wife?

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This Week's New Releases

Great Cover

Spike by Lyncee Shillard
part of the Boys of Summer Anthology
Release Date: 09/27/2012
ISBN# 978-1-938257-37-7
Cover art by Winterheart Design

Mutual passion was something Brody and Rae had in abundance, but then Brody disappeared in the night. Now he travels on the pro beach volleyball circuit while Rae keeps control of the locals at the tavern. Still, after all these years, she wonders what if…

Forgiveness isn't something that comes easy for Rae, but she'll do whatever she can to ease her sister's struggles with her five-year-old niece's fight against cancer. In desperation, Rae calls Brody and asks him to do a benefit volleyball match.

Though at the top of his game, only one thing keeps Brody from enjoying his hard-earned success—memories of Rae. When she calls, he believes this may be his chance to make it right with her.

Fighting her old attraction and the flames between her thighs, Rae is determined to stay out of the ripped volleyball player's bed. At least until he shows up with his teammate, Treyvon.  Is the hate she's groomed against Brody for the last seven years strong enough to keep her from falling for both men?

The game is on.

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Fan Girl and the Geek by Krystal Brookes
part of the Boys of Summer anthology
length: sensual contemporary romance novella
ISBN# 978-1-938257-38-4
Cover art by Winterheart Design
Release Date: 09/27/2012

Rhett Williams, the hunky captain on the TV show Starship Einstein, is coming to a convention in the UK, and Shona Ross is determined to meet him. Having spent years dreaming about the handsome actor, she nurtures dreams of becoming more than just a fan.

When Rhett does not live up to expectations and leaves Shona despondent, Daniel Adams, the geeky kid from the show, befriends her. Only he's no longer a geeky kid. In fact, her attraction to him is almost interplanetary. Can Shona get over her infatuation, forget about Daniel's weak role, and see the man for what he is now?

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Great Cover

Use Your Muse: Writing Prompts for Romance Writers by Mary Calesto
Use Your Muse Series, Book 1
35, 8.5x11 pages for printing, or 70 book pages
Release Date: 09/24/2012
Published by The Muse Charmer

Packed with 195 writing prompts, Use Your Muse: Writing Prompts for Romance Writers offers inspiration, education, and all the tools a writer needs to craft a story with depth, complexity, and emotion.

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