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This Week's New Release

An Awesome Cover

End of Days with stories by Neal F. Litherland, Krystal Brookes, and Debra Smith
erotic post-apocalyptic anthology (all erotic romance, one M/M/F-M/F/M)
ISBN# 978-1-938257-52-0
Release Date 12/6/2012
Cover art by Winterheart Design

Heart of the Myrmidon by Neal Litherland

When mankind fought the Hyperion War, it created weapons the like of which has never been seen before or since. Now, living below the surface and trying to rebuild, many of those weapons still roam free. Pollux, a titan made to fight a war that ended nearly a decade ago, wanders the streets and caverns looking for some reason, some purpose, to surviving Armageddon. For the veteran of the last battle though, that reason is found in the most unexpected place.

Underground by Krystal Brookes

In the midst of a nuclear attack, Kerys finds comfort and protection for herself and her small child in the arms of two lovers. Stuck with few other survivors on a Glasgow Underground train, she wonders if this sultry affair is born of circumstance or if they can make it last.

The End’s Beginning by Debra Smith

Nicole has lost everything—her family, her identity, and her world. Her only reason for living is for revenge against the “abominations” or Abomos—a race of genetically enhanced soldiers.

Each day is just another day to die until she meets Seth.

When she meets her new partner Seth, she hopes her attraction is nothing more than a need for sex. Joined with him in a dangerous mission to find a master hard drive with the key to ending the war against the Abomos, she discovers that they both need…each other.

Seth’s a man with secrets, which he’s struggling to keep from Nicole. She's fearless and strong, a match for him in all things. He's risking everything to help humanity, but there’s one more risk he has to take—revealing the truth to Nicole. Together can they stay alive long enough to find out if this new world has room for them, and their love?

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