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December 15, 2016 - Issue #141
Hot Topics
The State of API Documentation 2017 Edition 
API Industry leaders offer us a look at the history of API documentation and its importance for the future of the API economy and your business. Released from our friend @jkriggins about the history and future of API documentation []

The Netflix Public API Was The Most Successful API Failure Ever
I have written about the continuing Netflix API story over the years, which despite shuttering their public API, is an API effort that just keeps giving to the public. []

The Hitch Pitch Deck: Building Support for an API Strategy
In a recent Hitch blog post, Kristen Womack discussed the importance of having internal support for an API Strategy - including resource allocation - in order to build long-term success. In that article ( essential reading!), Kristen spells out the core components of a pitch deck that can be used internally to foster support for an API strategy. by Mark Boyd []

...And GraphQL for All? A few things to think about before blindly dumping REST for GraphQL
GraphQL is new. GraphQL is cool. Look! Github dumped REST for it! We MUST do it too! Well, why not. GraphQL could be a great tool, but like any tool, you don't choose it "just because".You choose it because it solves a problem in a given context. by Arnaud Lauret API Handyman []

Domain modelling with REST
Every piece of software, whether it's a web service, smart phone app, batch job, or speech recognition system, interfaces with the world in some way. Sometimes, that interface is a user interface, sometimes it's a machine-readable interface; sometimes it involves rendering pixels on a screen, and sometimes it involves writing to files, selecting records from a database, sending emails, and so on. []

GovTrack to Shutdown API and Pass the Legislative Data Torch
In 2005, GovTrack paved the way to open legislative data in a structured format. Through years of persistence, GovTrack prompted partner organizations and the government itself to open government data in formats and at a scale never seen before. Now, GovTrack passes its mission to other hands. []

Microservices and Message Queues and APIs
While discussing Microservices best practices, questions about message queues comes up often. Specifically, a question I have been asked many times is whether it is OK for multiple microservices to access a shared message queue. This is a fair and important question. []

OAuth vs. SAML vs. OpenID Connect
The Gluu Server is a free open source platform that has both SAML and OAuth2 components. I have been trying to help educate the community for some time on the pro's and con's of both infrastructures. Here is a quick overview to help get you oriented! by Mike S. []

Updated: REST Security Cheat Sheet from OWASP
RESTful API often use GET (read), POST (create), PUT (replace/update) and DELETE (to delete a record). Not all of these are valid choices for every single resource collection, user, or action. Make sure the incoming HTTP method is valid for the session token/API key and associated resource collection, action, and record. []

Modifying email signatures with the Gmail API
Originally posted on G Suite Developer blog Posted by Wesley Chun (@wescpy), Developer Advocate, G Suite The Gmail API team introduced a new settings feature earlier this year, and today, we're going to explore some of that goodness, showing developers how to update Gmail user settings with the API. []

Upcoming Web API Events
A list of upcoming Web API Events, maintained by Matthew Reinbold
The Business of APIs
Understanding the Green Button API Initiative and Why It Matters
This is the introduction to our series What is The Green Button API initiative and How It Took OAuth To An Entirely New Level. This article will help you understand what the Green Button API Initiative is and how it came about. Green Button is part of the Obama Administration's My Data initiatives. []

Postman Announces Postman Pro
Postman, provider of the most popular API toolchain available, today announced a major update to its innovative developer product, Postman Pro. In limited release since early this year as Postman Cloud, the product has been rechristened Postman Pro to reflect its more extensive features, numerous integrations and broad appeal. Early Postman Cloud users number among the largest and most innovative companies in the world, including such names as Adobe, VMware and DocuSign. []

Publish APIs as AWS Lambda Functions with Cloud Elements - The New Stack
At AWS re:Invent conference last week, Cloud Elements launched Element Builder on the AWS Marketplace, with the aim of making a variety of API integrations available to developers as Lambda functions. To date, Cloud Elements has been an integration platform focused on standardizing SaaS APIs in ways that make them interoperable for use in developer-created applications ... by Mark Boyd, Joab Jackson, Susan Hall []
(Un)Related Topics
How Slack Works
[Video] Keith Adams takes a tour of Slack's infrastructure, from native and web clients, through the edge, into the Slack datacenter, and around the various services that provide real-time messaging, search, voice calls, and custom emoji. Keith Adams is Chief Architect at Slack. []

Building a Secure, Fast Microservices Architecture From NGINX
This post is adapted from a presentation delivered at nginx.conf 2016 by Chris Stetson. You can view a recording of the presentation on YouTube. Chris Stetson: Hi, my name is Chris Stetson and I'm the Head of Professional Services and also the Microservices Practice Lead at NGINX. []

Authentication Strategies in Microservices Systems
Software security is a complex problem, and is becoming even more complex using Microservices where each service has to deal with security, David Borsos explained at the recent Microservices Conference in London, during his presentation evaluating four end-user authentication options within a microservice based systems. []

Tools to Monitor and Visualize Microservices Architecture
Once a distributed application is built and deployed, it is crucial to monitor and visualize it to make sure the software is reliable, available, and performs as expected. This article looks at several new API solutions that help providers address these issues for microservice architectures. []

Why Data is the Hard Part of Working with Microservices
Microservices allow teams to work at different paces on different parts of a software system. Working with microservices comes with large challenges that are too often not well appreciated. One of the greatest challenges, which developers too often underestimate, is working with data. []

Blockchain - The Next Big Thing for Middleware
Blockchain, most well known as the technology behind Bitcoin, has uses far beyond cryptocurrencies. This article explains the use cases and technical concepts behind blockchain, gives an overview about available services, and points out why middleware is a key success factor in this space. []

Using CQRS with Event Sourcing or - what's wrong with CRUD?
The programming world is turning more and more functional. While pure functional programming languages like Haskell are yet to become mainstream, many of its tenets such as higher order functions and immutable data are - one indication being the additon of lambda functions in languages such as Java 8 and ECMA Script 2015. by Kristian Freed []
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