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Jan 24, 2019 - Issue #246
Editor's Note: Kin Lane announced via his blog that he's stepping back from API Evangelist and taking on a full-time job. We want to wish Kin the best in this new season and look forward to his future endeavors! Kin, thanks for everything you have done for the community (and for many of us, personally as well)! 

Hot Topics
Stepping Back From API Evangelist
After eight years of storytelling I have decided to step back from API Evangelist. There just aren’t enough nutrients in the work to sustain me financially, ethically, or creatively. It has been a fun and interesting ride since I kicked off this crazy idea in 2010, but the time has come to step away. by Kin Lane []

7 Protocols Good For Documenting With AsyncAPI | Nordic APIs |
Documentation is arguably the most important part of any API strategy, as it's often the direct route between developer and user, and a direct conduit through which the developer can inform, educate, and contextualize. Accordingly, finding good options for documenting your API is of prime importance. AsyncAPI is one such option. by Kristopher Sandoval []

Telegram Bot API Compromised by GoodSender Malware
GoodSender claimed its latest victim: the Telegram Bot API. Telegram is known for the strong encryption it provides in its messaging platform. However, the same level encryption is not used for the Bot API. Luckily for Telegram, the Bot API is less popular and just over 100 users were affected. []

APIs and security | What you need to know to be safe
APIs are extraordinary pieces of technology, yet they also come with security risks. It's important to be fully aware of the necessary measures you need to have in place to ensure you are up-to-date on APIs and security. Every day, you hear about APIs being exposed and having their security compromised-not an uncommon story. by Camille Siegel []

Monitoring API Endpoints with File Uploads and Multipart Requests
We're really excited to announce our latest feature release: File Uploads! You can now upload files to your Runscope team's account, and use them to test and monitor API endpoints that require multipart form requests. Here's a short video of the new feature in action [...] []

Using OAuth for a simple command line script to access Google's data
I needed to write a simple script to pull some data from a Google website. Since I was grabbing some private data, I needed authorize myself to do that. I found it much more work than I expected, not because it's hard, but because there wasn't much documentation there to guide me - I had to puzzle out what path to go based on lots of not particularly relevant documentation. by Martin Fowler []

5 Ideas for Building Faster APIs | Nordic APIs |
Back in 2006, Google discovered that an extra 500 milliseconds of latency could drop traffic by as much as 20%. That was twelve years ago; now web users expect faster responses than ever before, and as an API practitioner, it's your duty to make that happen! by Thomas Bush []

The SendGrid CLI (Command Line Interface) is a tool that helps you to interact with SendGrid services from the command line. - sendgrid/sendgrid-cli []
The Business of APIs
Introducing - Good API  - Data Model of Your Domain, API, and Application. Solved. Since I have started the Good API consulting company, I have worked on hundreds of API designs across many domains. From simple, straightforward APIs to modeling the most complex domain interfaces that exist, one pattern started to emerge - the lack of information about semantics and structure of data. by Z []

Kong Announces New Tools for API Development Automation
Kong announced two new features that aim to simplify API development with the assistance of AI and ML. The new tools, Kong Brain and Kong immunity, have been added to the company's Kong Enterprise platform and automate processes that include documentation, configuration, and traffic analysis. []

(Un)Related Topics
Why Do We Need Architectural Diagrams?
Software architecture diagrams, when created well, and sparingly, can greatly improve communication within the development team and with external stakeholders. They require an understanding of the intended audience, and thoughtful restraint on what to include. []

An Incremental Architecture Approach to Building Systems
Of most of the applications we have globally, maybe 90% of them are perfectly served by a monolithic approach. To avoid overengineering, we should start with a simple architecture and evolve it as needs arise, Randy Shoup recently declared in a presentation where he described his experience with companies that started small and then grew into large global internet companies. []

Building Microservices with Event Sourcing/CQRS in Go using gRPC, NATS Streaming and CockroachDB
In this post, I will demonstrate a simple Event Sourcing/CQRS Example in Go to demonstrate how to solve the practical challenges of Microservices based distributed systems. Keep in mind that my objective of this post is not about introducing best practices for Event Sourcing and CQRS, but introduce these two architectural patterns by writing a simple example in Go, which provides a solution for the challenges in Microservices based distributed systems in order to dealing with transactions and data. by Shiju Varghese []

Scratch 3.0's new programming blocks, built on Blockly
Coding is a powerful tool for creating, expressing, and understanding ideas. That's why our goal is to make coding available to kids around the world. It's also why, in late 2015, we decided to collaborate with the MIT Media Lab on the redesign of the programming blocks for their newest version of Scratch. []

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