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March 3, 2022 - Issue #396
While we continue to work on migrating our newsletter to a new provider, here are some great articles to keep you up-to-date on the latest in the API industry. 

First, we have an article from Keith on developer pricing and how to approach your pricing model with developers in mind. We also have a look at those things you never read - the terms of service - but this time with a focus on API usage.

Also, API design guidelines (and why we need them) are top of mind for API Handyman. Plus, everything you wanted to know about API tokens. Finally, there is a new tool called API Diff that has been released and we have a detailed discussion on the important of idempotence. 

Happy Reading!
-- James

Hot Topics
The Secret of Developer Pricing
Every startup goes through the debate of "How should we do developer pricing?" The conversation normally goes something like this: Person A: We need to come up a package that developers will buy! Person B: Okay, what if we took the free version and added A, B, and C? []

I have read the API Terms of service : the biggest lie of the programmable web
tl,dr : "I have read the API Terms of Service" is the biggest lie from Developers, and may have deep consequences. In a research work for more open and trustworthy Digital Infrastructure, we need your feedback about your practice with API Terms of service in a quick survey (5 to 10min max) where you will [...] by Mehdi Medjaoui, Marjukka Niinioja, apidays Conferences, Felix von Pechmann, Miko Bautista, Katrien Van Gijsel, Jennifer Riggins []

Why do we need API design guidelines?
Why do we need API design guidelines? Why do I need this boring set of constraining rules telling me how to design APIs? Why can't I design APIs the way I like (which is the best one by the way). What would I (and my organization) gain taking advantage of API design guidelines? by Arnaud Lauret []

How To Spot Malicious API Behavior
Malicious actors are often hard to deal with. It's one thing if an attacker is proclaiming their intentions and making it clear what they're trying to do, but it's something else entirely when the lines between abuse and uninformed use are blurred. Is this a user who doesn't know the API is rate limited? []

No tokens for you: GitLab flings out critical security patches
DevOps platform provider GitLab has released critical security updates 14.8.2, 14.7.4, and 14.6.5, strongly recommending users to upgrade their installations or at least hotpatch their instances in order to keep them secure. Amongst the issues fixed in the release is a critical severity vulnerability affecting all versions starting from 12.10. []

Everything You Need To Know About API Tokens
The rapid rise of APIs in recent years isn't entirely good news. APIs are often the weakest link when it comes to cybersecurity, which is vaguely ironic as APIs deliver more digital assets than any website or eCommerce portal. If you're not careful, APIs can be a major security risk. []

API Diff
Diff API versions and see what has changed []

Architecting Distributed Systems: The Importance of Idempotence
Idempotence (or idempotency if you like), is a characteristic of an operation, such as an HTTP endpoint or an RPC call, allowing to execute it multiple times and observe the same result as if the operation was only applied once. by Robert Konarskis []
The Business of APIs
Introducing Tyk 4.0 - next generation of data management
APIs enable companies to operate more efficiently, cost-effectively and with far more flexibility. But only when they're managed properly. Tyk is a best-in-class API management platform used by Fortune-500 companies and has been named "Visionary" by Gartner 2 years in a row for its ground-breaking set of capabilities and forward thinking. []

Council Post: How API Investments Can Help Navigate The Labor Shortage
The American workforce is restructuring. Look no further than the "Help Wanted" and "We're Hiring" signs posted at businesses all around us. For tech leaders, it hits home the most in the volume of vacancies in our own operations. In its recovery from the pandemic, the U.S. by Gleb Polyakov []

5 Places to Look for API Champions in Your Organization
APIs that your organization builds are , and the success of those products depends on people; even though APIs are technology, people ultimately decide whether or not to use your API. For your APIs to be successful, you need to tap into communities of potential API users. by Anna Daugherty []

Periodic Table of Realtime
The Periodic Table of Realtime: an interactive way of learning about the different aspects, protocols, and players in the realtime sphere. []

Why Hasn't Edge Computing Gone Confidential Yet?
Confidential computing ensures that in-memory information is safe from cybersecurity threats and trusted third parties running mission-critical parts of a company's infrastructure. When securing data, people tend to think about one of two states- at rest and in transit-both of which can be encrypted or tokenized to protect them. by Joel Hans []

The new view of app architecture
Hi there!This article is inspired by the book "Perfect Software" by Juvel Levee The author proposed a new concept for software architecture. The name of the new concept is the Method. The method is software design + planning. In this particular article, we are going to concentrate only on the design part, not planning. by Yegor Voronyansky []
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