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March 31, 2022 - Issue #400
It is the last day of March (well, April 1st for some of you in Asia-Pacific). What does that mean? Baseball and API security, of course! This week, we have a featured article on how GraphQL is being used by Major League Baseball to tame the challenges of sprawling services. We also have a featured section on API security, plus: Tyk is hiring, APIs as Your Catalyst for Transformational Change, and 20 impressive API economy stats. 

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Hot Topics
Federated GraphQL to Solve Service Sprawl at Major League Baseball
Oliver: Our talk is Federated GraphQL to solve service sprawl at Major League Baseball. We're going to go over some high level, some in-depth on the last 8 months to 12 months of us implementing a Federated GraphQL architecture within the Web Platform team at Major League Baseball. []

Current Vacancies - Tyk API Gateway and API Management
Our Talent team is committed to respond to EVERY application. Talent team interview A conversation about career moves, motivations and skills. Role-specific interview Usually a call with the hiring manager, getting into the nitty gritty of the role and experience needed. []

GitHub - wcm-io-caravan/caravan-rhyme
Rhyme is a Java framework for providing or consuming hypermedia APIs using the HAL+JSON media format. It's main use case is when you need to do both, i.e. build a distributed system of web services that are connected through several HAL APIs. by wcm-io-caravan []
Feature: API Security
API authorization and authentication are not as straightforward as they once were. In fact, they aren't even the same thing despite sounding virtually identical. We've been mentioning OAuth quite a bit lately, so it seemed like the perfect time to take a deeper look into OAuth 2.0. []

Understanding the Levels of API Security
What is the best API security approach to adopt? Amid rising API attacks, API security should be front and central for modern enterprises. However, not all API security implementations are the same, and not all are effective. Too often, weak API approaches overlook a significant concern: identity. []

How API Security Has Advanced With The Dawn of AI
APIs have powered modern-day digital transformations, revolutionizing how many businesses and organizations are now run. However, the fresh wave of innovation and digital transformation is also responsible for carving new avenues for hackers to exploit. According to various reports, API communication makes up 83% of internet traffic. []

Insecure APIs Threaten Mobile App Security - What To Do
For most mobile apps, it's not much of an exaggeration to describe them as a collection of APIs all tied together with a wrapper. In fact, without connectivity, many mobile apps can't function at all, because they depend on APIs to connect to back-end services. by Tamas Cser Digital Smart Technologies, Inc []

Attackers have come to love APIs as much as developers
Cequence Security released a report revealing that both developers and attackers have made the shift to APIs. Of the 21.1 billion transactions analyzed in the last half of 2021, 14 billion (70 percent) were API transactions. After analyzing some of the most interesting bot attacks throughout 2021, it's clear that attackers have come to love APIs just as much as developers. []
The Business of APIs
20 Impressive API Economy Statistics
Tech moves fast. It also employs its own technical jargon, which evolves quickly. It can be hard to keep up with the API industry, as a result, in light of these realities. Even worse, many of the most exciting, revolutionary innovations in the API industry aren't that flashy or noticeable. []

APIs as Your Catalyst for Transformational Change
This week on the API Intersection podcast, we had the pleasure of chatting with Claire Barrett, Director of APIsFirst and a founding member of The API Collective. She is also a leader of the Global Women in APIs Initiative via APIDays. by Jason Harmon CTO []

How Expensive Is an API Call?
Programming API calls on a budget can be a delicate science. For API consumers, integrating with an API runs the risk of essentially turning strangers loose with your credit card. Even $0.001 per call can quickly add up if you're making millions of calls a month. []

Organize APIs around business domains and capabilities, not tools
People don't want drills, they want to make holes. APIs are interfaces exposed by pieces of software, our modern tools. But it would be a terrible idea to think of APIs just as interfaces to tools. APIs must be organized around our business domains and capabilities. by Arnaud Lauret []

Leadership Insights: Disconnected User Experiences
Mike Vizard: Hello, and welcome to the latest Digital CXO videocast. I'm your host, Mike Vizard. Today, we're with Matt McLarty, who's the Field CTO and Vice President of the Digital Transformation Office for MuleSoft. That's one of the longer titles we've seen in quite a while, but Matt, welcome to the show. []

RapidAPI nabs $150M at a $1B valuation, with its API marketplace now used by 4M+ developers
RapidAPI, the startup that has built a platform that helps businesses find and integrate third-party APIs, as well as manage their own usage of their own internal APIs, has picked up another big round of funding of $150 million - underscoring both its growth and that of the so-called API economy, where digital services that are often complicated to build and run from the ground up are being built once and turned into extensible units by way of APIs that in turn help power functionality wherever those APIs get integrated. []

Apiwiz Raises $2M Seed Round to Create a Single View of Cross-Organizational API Lifecycle Management
Apiwiz offers the first holistic, low-code API platform that manages enterprise API programs across the whole design, building, testing, and monitoring API lifecycle, with a technology-agnostic approach to API gateways and Service Mesh. []
Original Sin of Microservices, Part 2
Last time, we talked about 8 fallacies of distributed computing and why our systems end up being more complex than we ever imagined. In our last conclusion, we mentioned that two nodes already have a lot of aspects to consider, let alone a microservice architecture. Microservice architectures have many additional dilemmas to face. by Chunting Wu []

Over the past 20+ years, I have been really fortunate to be part of scaling multiple zero-to-one, Direct-To-Consumer Internet businesses; as an engineer on in the early days of the Internet, to an architect on, to leading all of engineering & infrastructure for and now at my current role @ and by Paddy Deshmukh []

Understanding Microservices as a Software Architecture
The exact definition of architecture has been a controversial issue in IT industry. However, it could be defined as the fundamental organization of a system, or the way that the highest level components are connected together. As a matter of fact, enterprise software architecture always evolves with advanced architectural styles in order to find better patterns to build software in a fast and... by Kayvan Kaseb []
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