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July 26, 2018 - Issue #222
Hot Topics
A Pragmatic Take On REST Anti Patterns | Nordic APIs |
Do you ever have those moments when you're asked to do something that feels technically wrong? Putting milk in the cup before the tea? (a very British problem admittedly). An overflowing trash can YOU must always empty? We all have our pet peeves - it's what makes us human. by Chris Wood []

REST was NEVER about CRUD - Tyk API Gateway and API Management
A popular myth is that REST-based APIs must be CRUD-based - that couldn't be further from the truth. It is simply one pattern in our API design toolbox. This article outlines a variety of additional patterns available for REST-based APIs. The intent isn't to be fully exhaustive, but to open the options for API designers ... []

DZone Research: How APIs Have Changed Application Development
To gather insights on the current and future state of API management, we talked to 17 executives who are using APIs in their own organization, as well as helping clients use APIs to accelerate their digital transformation and the development of quality applications. We asked them "How have APIs changed application development?" by Tom Smith []

Improving the developer experience with OpenAPI Specification
Up to this point, this blog has mostly focused on how we have solved internal challenges including scaling our database infrastructure to handle increasing volume, and managing our workflow in a growing development team. But as it is APIs that provide access to the Adyen payments platform, in this post I will discuss some recent initiatives to make it easier for developers to use them. by Adyen []

Why JSON isn't a Good Configuration Language - Lucidchart
Learn why JSON falls short as a configuration language and what you can use instead as you create a new application, framework, or library. []

kubeiql - A GraphQL interface for Kubernetes. []

Building a gRPC Service with Ballerina - Part I - Kevin Hoffman - Medium
Before I get into Ballerina, I want to explain the perspective from which I'm viewing this exploration. Lately, I've been suffering something that I can only describe as service fatigue. I've been suffering it so much that I'm contemplating writing another post on this ailment and how we can avoid it. by Kevin Hoffman []

"The Sunset HTTP Header" I-D Update / API Academy
New Version of "The Sunset HTTP Header" Internet Draft. The Sunset header field indicates that a URI is likely to become unresponsive at a specified point in the future. It also defines a sunset link relation type that allows linking to resources providing information about an upcoming resource or service sunset. []

Building an API Gateway with the Ballerina Programming Language
An API Gateway is a layer in an architecture pattern that allows the business API to focus on the business functionality while taking care of the request dispatching, policy enforcement, protocol translations and analytics. This article is about how we built an API Gateway in Ballerina for the WSO2 API Manager. []

Want People to Use Your API Documentation? 5 Expert Tips
Creating API documentation is a labor of love. It takes a great deal of time to capture all the information needed to consume an API, therefore API documentation has to be clear and easy-to-use, or developers won't use it. If they don't use your API documentation, you're in for a ton of one-off questions, errors, and eventual abandonment of your API. by Robert Wallach []
OpenAPI Spec validator for the CLI []

Upcoming Web API Events
A list of upcoming Web API Events, maintained by Matthew Reinbold
The Business of APIs
Okta acquires zero trust security firm ScaleFT | ZDNet
Identity management company Okta announced on Wednesday that it's acquired ScaleFT, a zero trust security company that takes a device-centric approach to security. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. Founded in 2015, ScaleFT's access management platform, which enables secure remote access without a VPN, was inspired by Google's custom-built security system BeyondCorp. by Stephanie Condon []

API Governance Models In The Public and Private Sector
This is a report for the Department of Veterans Affairs microconsulting project, " Governance Models in Public and Private Sector ". Providing an overview of API governance to help the VA, "understand, with the intention to adopt, best practices from the private and public sector, specifically for prioritizing APIs to build, standards to which to build APIs, and making the APIs usable by external consumers." []

WSO2 CEO Tyler Jewell: Ballerina and the End of Middleware - The New Stack
It's been a busy week for Tyler Jewell, the CEO of enterprise application (EA) integration provider WSO2. This is the week for WSO2's user conference in San Francisco. WSO2 is a leading provider of open source integration, API management, and identity and access management software, used for messaging, connecting, and governing applications. by Joab Jackson, Alex Handy, Matt McNeeney []

Announcing Apollo Server 2 - Apollo GraphQL
As we watch teams adopt Apollo, one lesson we've learned is how important it is for product engineering teams that use GraphQL to be able to work on their schema as a natural part of their... by Evans Hauser []

(Un)Related Topics
Has Agile Programming Lost its Way? - The New Stack
Programmers are passionate about which development methodology is the best. Is it Agile? Waterfall? Feature Driven Development? Scrum? So everyone took notice when one of the 17 authors of the seminal Agile Manifesto wrote a blog post last month headlined "Developers Should Abandon Agile." Further down in his post, Ron Jeffries made a clear distinction ... by David Cassel, Joab Jackson, Alex Handy []

Istio and the Future of Service Meshes
A service mesh provides a transparent and language-independent way to flexibly and easily automate networking, security, and observation functions. This article examines the past, present and future of the Istio service mesh. The near-term goal is to launch Istio to 1.0, when the key features will all be in beta, including support for Hybrid environments. []

A new digital divide: Young people who can't use keyboards:The Asahi Shimbun
"How do I double click?" "What is a cell in a spreadsheet?" Mashiko Ishii often hears that her fellow lecturers at Uchida Human Resources Development Center become confused when they are asked such basic questions during training for new employees of IT companies. []

Brian Kernighan Remembers the Origins of 'grep' - The New Stack
This month saw the release of a fascinating oral history, in which 76-year-old Brian Kernighan remembers the origins of the Unix command grep. Kernighan is already a legend in the world of Unix - recognized as the man who coined the term Unix back in 1970. by David Cassel, Joab Jackson, Alex Handy []

Microsoft is making the Windows command line a lot better
One of the sore points of the Windows command-line environment is that the command-line windows themselves, the "console" windows, have always been a bit strange. Back in Windows XP, for example, regular Windows apps were themed, with their blobby title bars and bulbous red X button. by Peter Bright []

Using Apache Pulsar as a message queue
Message queues are essential components of most large-scale data architectures. If every single work object that passes through your system absolutely must be processed, come hell or high water, then I'd urge you to use a message queue. Why? Because we know that data processing pipelines are subject to all kinds of failures. []

Amid the 20th anniversary of open source, Tim O'Reilly warns that platform companies built on open-source software have lost their way
PORTLAND - It's rare to hear Chinese philosophy quoted on stage at a software-development conference. But O'Reilly Media founder and CEO Tim O'Reilly invoked the words of Lao Tzu Wednesday morning during the opening keynotes at OSCON 2018 in hopes of convincing those in attendance - many of whom... by Tom Krazit []
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