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Dec 13, 2018 - Issue #242
Hot Topics
The Three Principles of Excellent API Design | Nordic APIs |
We all know that using a well-designed API is extremely rewarding, while using a poorly-designed API can be frustrating enough for us to give up altogether. However, when we ourselves strive to build the best-designed APIs possible, we tend to trip up right away, wondering: what makes an API's design good or bad? by Thomas Bush []

Our learnings from adopting GraphQL - Netflix TechBlog - Medium
by Artem Shtatnov and Ravi Srinivas Ranganathan In an earlier blog post, we provided a high-level overview of some of the applications in the Marketing Technology team that we build to enable scale and intelligence in driving our global advertising, which reaches users on sites like The New York Times, Youtube, and thousands of others. by Netflix Technology Blog []

How Airbnb is Moving 10x Faster at Scale with GraphQL and Apollo
GraphQL Unions for Backend-Driven UI The existing state for the product at the beginning of the talk presupposes we have built a system where a very dynamic page is constructed based on a query that will return an array of some set of possible "sections." These sections are responsive and define the UI completely. by Adam Neary []

rocket: GraphQL wrapper for the OMDb API. Contribute to xxczaki/omdb-graphql-wrapper development by creating an account on GitHub. []

Attempting to Learn Go - Now Sending REST Requests
Part of "Attempting to Learn Go" series So far, we've gone through a couple small examples on how to request data from a remote REST API. This time, however, we're going to explore how to submit data to a remote endpoint. by Steve Layton []

Meet Everest: A slick REST API testing client written in JavaFX - JAXenter
Today, we're exploring an upcoming REST API testing client written in JavaFX. Meet Everest, formerly known as RESTaurant. Everest is light on resources, highly responsive and, of course, inherently cross-platform. It will run anywhere there's a JVM. []

Does RESTier have a future, and when? · Issue #540 · OData/RESTier
We couldn't help but notice that Microsoft seems to have stopped all investment in RESTier for multiple months now. The library is still very far away from feature parity with WCF Data Services. The last commit is now 2 months old and no... []

Stop Calling Your APIs Microservices - Stoplight API Corner
The Relationship between APIs, Microservices, and Containers Have you ever heard the adage that "there are only two hard problems in computer science, cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors?" Allegedly, Phil Karlton said this sometime around 1996/97. by Lukas Rosenstock []

API Proxy vs API Gateway - Stoplight API Corner
On this edition of I'll REST when I'm Alive, I will be exploring the differences and similarities between API Proxies and API Gateways. Expanding on my previous post, API Microgateways , I will also be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of both and the individual use cases. by Robert Wallach []

REST API Notes for 2018/12/03
December is off to a busy start! I had a business trip last week and my go-bag for this week is at my feet as I type this. I'm leaving the country for a bit, so all the more reason to get this edition... []
Upcoming Web API Events
A list of upcoming Web API Events, maintained by Matthew Reinbold
The Business of APIs
Kong launches its fully managed API platform
API platform Kong, which you may remember under its previous name of Mashape, is launching its new Kong Cloud service today. Kong Cloud is the company's fully managed platform for securing, connecting and orchestrating APIs. Enterprises can deploy it to virtually any major cloud platform, inc... []

Microsoft Introduces New API Management Tier for Serverless Architectures
In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced a new Azure API Management Consumption tier. This tier allows for micro-based billing and aligns to serverless architecture principles including automated scaling, built-in high availability, per action billing and no infrastructure to provision or manage. []

The VA Introduces its First Health API
The US Department of Veterans Affairs has announced its first Health API. The Health API adds to VA's growing suite of APIs as the agency looks to become more technology driven and API-first. The Health API will help Veterans gain better access to and control over their private health data. []

(Un)Related Topics
What We Got Wrong: Lessons from the Birth of Microservices
Hi everyone. I'm here to talk about the stakes lessons, that sort of thing. I found that this is more fun to talk about, and probably more fun to listen to than things that went well. I did want to briefly pivot from that message and say, I really enjoyed Jessica's talk. []

Is Istio the Most Next-Gen, Next-Gen Firewall Ever? - The New Stack
Most organizations, for example, provide some basic segmentation, such as having separate networks for internet facing traffic, internal traffic and storage traffic. However, very few take segmentation down to the app itself and implement truly "least privilege" segmentation for every workload in the environment. by John Morello, Anil Kumar, Mary Branscombe, Simon Bisson []

​Kubernetes' first major security hole discovered | ZDNet
Kubernetes has become the most popular cloud container orchestration system by far, so it was only a matter of time until its first major security hole was discovered. by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols []

Understanding Cluster Resource Usage | Kubernetes Engine | Google Cloud
Google Cloud delivers secure, open, intelligent, and transformative tools to help enterprises modernize for today's digital world. []

Why Decentralization is the Future of iPaaS
What if centralized integration services are getting it wrong? What if in the future, every service would come with integrations out-of-the-box? Every cloud service would have their own mini, built-in iPaaS, and apps from disparate cloud services would support integrations with each other. []

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Adding MQTT and Cron to the Lawn Sprinkler Project - The New Stack
This week we'll continue our journey on building an automated sprinkler system. The project highlights key design and implementation concepts that off-the-shelf hackers will face in the systems they build. While we could just program on/off times for each individual sprinkler head, directly on a standalone Arduino, a networked approach presents several benefits. by drtorq []

HTTP vs. MQTT: A tale of two IoT protocols | Google Cloud Blog
Looking at the result that compares response time over one connection cycle for MQTT, we can clearly see that the initial connection setup increases the response time for sending single messages to the level that equals the response time of sending a single message over HTTP, which in our case rounds up to 120 ms per message. []

Data consistency in microservices architecture - eBay Tech Berlin
The consistency solutions described so far are not easy. They are indeed complex. But there is a simpler way: modifying a single datasource at a time. Instead of changing the state of the service and emitting the event in one process, we could separate those two steps. by Grygoriy Gonchar []

Patterns for distributed transactions within a microservices architecture - RHD Blog
Microservices architecture (MSA) has become very popular.. However, one common problem is how to manage distributed transactions across multiple microservices. This post is going to share my experience from past projects and explain the problem and possible patterns that could solve it. When a microservice architecture decomposes a monolithic system into self-encapsulated services, it can break transactions. []

Pivotal announces new serverless framework
Pivotal has always been about making open-source tools for enterprise developers, but surprisingly, up until now, the arsenal has lacked a serverless component. That changed today with the alpha launch of Pivotal Function Service. "Pivotal Function Service is a Kubernetes-based, multi-cloud f... []

Microservices and test automation - JAXenter
Microservices are a poster child for the thousands of organizations who want to build and deploy systems that are scalable, flexible, adaptable, and easy to develop. Fine-grained independent modular processes are key, according to the pundits, making all services easier to deploy and manage. []
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