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July 28, 2022 - Issue #416
Wow, there are lots of articles this week. I guess the summer isn't slowing things down people writing as it normally does. This week, we have a featured article that details tech writer collaboration for API docs and a look at API automation testing tools. We also see how API catalogs can help DevOps security, the 9th Developer Relations Survey, and an awesome list of GraphQL security frameworks.

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Hot Topics
Tech Writers: Who You Need to Collaborate With
No great masterpiece was ever created in a vacuum. Every work of art, an engineering feat, and product release results from inspiration, ideas, and feedback from others. Technical writing is no exception. While many may think that technical writing is done by a lone writer who is given some early specs and asked to "pretty them up" and publish them, nothing can be further from the truth. by Pam Goodrich []

Here's Everything You Need to Know About API Testing Automation
APIs are the lifeblood of many businesses. Despite this, many aren't aware of how to automate API tests. But don't let the complexity of API testing automation scare you. With the right API testing tools and a little guidance, you can set your automated tests in no time. by Steve Landry []

3 Ways API Catalogs Can Help DevOps Security
APIs are the building block of modern software, and yet, many organizations don't know what they're dealing when it comes to the APIs they create and consume. That's a problem, said Jessica Marie, product marketing leader and security evangelist at Traceable AI, during "API Catalog: The First Step in Protecting your APIs," a presentation at the virtual conference DevOps Connect: DevSecOps Con sponsored by TechStrong. by Loraine Lawson []

9th Developer Relations Survey
Part I - The People of DevRel - About YouPart II - The Companies of DevRel - About Your Company or Organization Part III - The DevRel Programs - About Your DevRel program Part IV - DevRel Program Strategies, Challenges and Tactics - About Your DevRel program's activities This is our most comprehensive survey yet. []

A curated list of awesome GraphQL Security frameworks, libraries, software and resources
A curated list of awesome GraphQL Security frameworks, libraries, software and resources GraphQL Shield - GraphQL Shield helps you create a permission layer for your application. Escape - GraphQL Security - Continuous GraphQL Security Testing for Developers. Find and fix GraphQL security flaws in the CI/CD. by Escape-Technologies []

Top List of In-Demand API Developer Skills
An API platform team isn't just about the code. They are tasked with connecting application programming interfaces-and literally the whole IT infrastructure-to business value. After all, 90 percent of new digital services are built as composite applications via public or private APIs. by Dice Guest []

Webhooks Explained: What Are Webhooks? How Do They Work?
What are Webhooks? Webhooks: you may have heard of this ubiquitous term in the world of web applications and modern technologies, but what are they and how do they help solve problems in security? If you're not already using webhooks in your security automation, you may want to check out what solutions support this useful data strategy. by by Christopher Fox on July 21, 2022 []

Linting the Stoplight Docs with Vale
When I joined the Stoplight team as a technical writer in March, 2022, I was really excited to learn more about the product, and also to explore ways to improve documentation with code. by Heitor Tashiro Sergent []

What is the info property in OpenAPI?
The info property of an OpenAPI document contains metadata that provides an overview of an API, but what does it represent exactly? How did it evolve across the OpenAPI Specification versions? And how to can it be used and misused? This is the second post in the OpenAPI Specification Reference series. by Arnaud Lauret []

It all starts with applicability - JSON Schema Fundamentals part 1
"Validation begins by applying the root Schema to the complete instance document. Applicator keywords apply subschemas to the instance location." - Borrowed from JSON Schema in 5 minutes. The primary use case for JSON Schema is validation. Therefore it's imperative to understand precisely how the validation process happens. by JSON Schema []

Using Backstage to Generate Developer Portals
Developer portals provide important information and tools for prospective developers. This includes documentation, code samples, and other resources to help developers build applications. A company might create a developer portal to promote its API-as-product, or an individual might generate one to share their knowledge and expertise. by Vyom Srivastava []

How to Autogenerate GraphQL API Documentation
APIs are supposed to create less work, not more. Conceptualizing, designing, developing, then deploying an API is already a Herculean task. Creating API documentation is like a second full-time job, and one that's nearly as important as the first. Unfortunately, not all programmers are trained to be technical writers. by J Simpson []

Integrating django with graphql
I have been flirting with Graphql for some time now and yes yes I have heard it all from how it reduces over and under fetching all the way to it is the best tool for building APIs. []
The Business of APIs
Building a Pricing Strategy for Your APIs
An API is a unique product. There is no presentable UI or outcome a developer can show and market similar to a regular product in the marketplace. The only way to perceive its usefulness is to spend time testing and understanding the value it brings. by Himasha Guruge []

Why deliberate API design supports a great developer experience
According to a recent Nordic APIs statistics roundup, over 90% of developers are using APIs, and they spend nearly 30% of their time coding APIs. This clearly illustrates how important APIs have become for businesses but also how much impact they have on the workload of IT professionals. by Jiri De Jagere []

Council Post: How To Address Growing API Security Vulnerabilities In 2022
CEO of , a YCombinator-backed AI security startup. Almost a year ago, Gartner's analysts predicted API security as a significant cybersecurity threat in 2022. They wrote, "Gartner predicts that by 2022, application programming interface (API) attacks will become the most-frequent attack vector, causing data breaches for enterprise web applications." by Ivan Novikov []

What is DevRel?
Community-focused DevRel centers around growing and managing a community of developers. This is usually a Slack or Discord community that's focused on a company's product or an open source technology. Managing a community consists of answering questions, designing the community in an inclusive way, and making sure members are getting value through activities like livestreams and other events. []
Nvidia gets down with low code in AI Enterprise update
Nvidia aims to take the pain out of machine-learning development this week with the latest release of its AI Enterprise suite, which includes a low-code toolkit for machine-learning workloads. The update also extends support for Red Hat OpenShift, Domino Data Lab's ML operations platform, and Azure's NVads A10 v5 series virtual machines. []

Software is a City, not a Building
"Architecture" is a very common anlogy used in software engineering, and a very successful one. So successful, that we have "architect" as a role in software world. Anyone remembers "The Architect" in The Matrix? It's cool to be an architect! It's a cool name! But, why do we think in terms of architecture? by Veysel Ozdemir []

Kubernetes Gateway API Graduates to Beta
Authors: Shane Utt (Kong), Rob Scott (Google), Nick Young (VMware), Jeff Apple (HashiCorp) We are excited to announce the v0.5.0 release of Gateway API. For the first time, several of our most important Gateway API resources are graduating to beta. []
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