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Oct 6, 2022 - Issue #426
This week, we have several articles that focus on API interoperability and stability. This includes a recent RFC offered by Mark Nottingham on how to build HTTP-based APIs. We also look at the future of JSON Schema standardization, updates to AsyncAPI tooling, and a look at the modern developer relations stack. 

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Hot Topics
REST API Best Practices for Interoperability
A great API makes integrating with services easy and painless. While there are numerous articles on what goes into a great API at a high level, the devil is in the details as they say. This article... by John Wang []

Building Protocols with HTTP
Applications often use HTTP as a substrate to create HTTP-based APIs. This document specifies best practices for writing specifications that use HTTP to define new application protocols. It is written primarily to guide IETF efforts to define application protocols using HTTP for deployment on the Internet but might be applicable in other situations. by Mark Nottingham []

Increase API Stability by Binding to Protocols and Formats, not URLs and Objects
This post is an excerpt from Mike Amundsen's book "RESTful Web API Patterns and Practices Cookbook" from O'Reilly Media. An important element to building successful hypermedia-enabled client applications is the work of binding the client to responses. by Mike Amundsen []

Thoughts on the Future of JSON Schema Standardization
Today (September 27, 2022), JSON Schema announced to move away from the model of how they publish specifications. Previously, versions were published as IETF drafts, but it always was clear that the standardization process of IETF and the goals of JSON Schema weren't a very good match. Standardization is tricky. by Erik Wilde []

How to Create an API Using gRPC and Node.js
gRPC is a modern open-source RPC framework that can run in any environment. It is used by many large companies, including Google, to power some of their most popular services. gRPC is also an excellent fit for Node.js applications due to its high performance and small footprint. by Vyom Srivastava []

Introducing the New Postman CLI to Automate Your API Testing
Postman has long been your close companion for API testing, empowering you to feel confident when working with APIs. You can use the Postman API Platform to manually test your APIs and validate if your APIs match your expectations, and even script these manual validations into tests and assertions that you can run using the Postman Collection Runner. by Guest Author, Ankit, Appurva Murawat []

AsyncAPI tooling update - Week 39
This post bundles updates from the following official tools, but not limited to: bundler, chatbot, studio, diff, glee, create-glee-app, cli, optimizer, modelina, generator, generator-react-sdk, java-template, java-spring-cloud-stream-template, java-spring-template, dotnet-nats-template and ts-nats-template. You can find the last tooling update here. Finally time for another tooling update after the holidays and catchups! by EventStack []

Business of APIs
ThoughtSpot dev lead: The modern developer relations stack - part #1
This couplet of joint analysis pieces is written in full by Quinton Wall in his role as head of developer relations at ThoughtSpot. As a company, likes to call itself a modern analytics cloud specialist that works in the 'modern data stack' space - it has core competencies in delivering natural language search and AI to perform ThoughtSpot data analytics and enable customers to automate entire business processes. []

An API Is Not an End-to-End Solution
It's widely believed that Salesforce released the first API back in the year 2000, to allow customers to share data across different business applications. eBay followed suit later that year, with an API that was available to a select group of partners and developers only. by Art Anthony []

6 Top Skillsets For API Developers to Hone
API development requires a unique mindset and set of skills, especially in light of the rapid iteration that is common in the modern space. The API industry is prone to rapid changes, and accordingly, having a strong developer base set of skills is incredibly important. by Kristopher Sandoval []

Announcing the ngrok Partnership Program 🤝
Today, we're delighted to announce the launch of ngrok's partnership program. No one builds great applications in a vacuum. There are systems, APIs, and components that work together so we can accomplish our work. Towards that end, we're making it as easy as possible to get innovative apps up and running - at scale and in production - with ngrok and every other software tool. []

Announcing General Availability of Kong Gateway 3.0
Kong Gateway 3.0 is an important milestone that introduces the next evolution of our cloud-native API platform . Both the enterprise and open source editions of Kong Gateway 3.0 are available now from your favorite distribution channels . by Michael Heap []

Service Design Could've Prevented Heroku's Free Tier Closure
The news that Heroku is shutting down its free tier is frustrating for developers. It just needed better service design to keep it viable. []

FAQ: What is shared understanding?
In this short video I cover one of the most frequently asked questions I get: What is shared understanding? When we work together in cross-functional teams, one of the most powerful outcomes of that is shared experience. by Jeff Gothelf []

Security in the billions: Toward a multinational strategy to better secure the IoT ecosystem
The explosion of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and services worldwide has amplified a range of cybersecurity risks to individuals' data, company networks, critical infrastructure, and the internet ecosystem writ large. In light of this systemic risk, this report offers a multinational strategy to enhance the security of the IoT ecosystem. by wloomis []

Lessons from Deploying Microservices for a Large Retailer
A microservices architecture helped CGI's client deliver even when the number of orders topped five times the expected level. []
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